Recipe - German Pils

Voici ma recette soumisse au concours de la Micro-Brasserie Labrosse :

Le 1.5 ml d’acide était pour le 32 litres d’eau. Ca permit de descendre le pH de l’eau à 6.6
Mash 60min 67c
pH 5.5
O.G. : 1.045
F.G : 1.009 (4.7%)

Levure :
1 sachet de 34/70 et la Bavarian Lager récupérer de ma batch précédente (Munich Dunkel). J’avais peur qu’un sachet de levure ca ne serait pas assez.

Fermentation :
Semaine 1 : 12c
Semaine 2 : 13 à 20 (1c par jour)
Semaine 3 : 20c

Lagering : 6 semaines - 5-6c (chambre froide en hiver)
GermanPils3.0.xml (16.9 KB)


Do you add any salts to the water or just straight from the tap/filter plus the acid?

Nope, no salt. Montreal Water only


I calculate 4.7% ABV based on the OG and FG you list in the recipe - am I missing something?

Ok I figured out how to import the XML file to Beersmith and I see now that you got higher than expected efficiency for that batch and ended up with an OG of 1.051.

You’re right… It was 4.7%. I edited my post. And while i’m here, here the last one I made back in Nov 2021. This time with Tettnang :

It’s carbing at the moment but the sample I tasted was super clean and good :slight_smile:

@vicepresident : Là, j’en ai une que tu peux venir gouter

Nice. I’m brewing a variation tomorrow. aiming for OG 1.050 and subbed some Willamette in for Hallertau that I don’t have enough of.

For the lactic acid, I needed to put 3ml into 15L in order to get a mash PH estimate of 5.53. How are you calculating it?

Based on my past brew, I always use 2ml of lactic acid for 32 litres. This bring my water pH around 6.8 and 5.4 after adding the grain.

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Do have anything other than Willamette? That’s really not the right flavour for a German Pils.

I’ve had good results using 3% acidulated malt in light colored beers.

As a matter of fact, I practically never use lactic acid anymore… I add my minerals and then the acidulated is enough to bring the pH down to the sweet spot.

I got inspired after reading a forum post from AJ deLange about a simple water priming formula. Here is the link:

I use acidulated malt in every single beer I brew. That’s mostly because of the water from my well, but it also “brightens” up any light coloured beer. :slight_smile:

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I have some Saaz and Mt Hood as well that might fit the bill. I chose Willamette since it has a similar spicy/herbal aroma profile, even if it’s not German.

Go with the Saaz, you won’t be disappointed. :slight_smile:

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I think the Willamette will be too woody for something as clean as a German Pils.