Noonan Competition in Vermont (Deadline Soon!)

From Jay of the Green Mountain Mashers:

The competition website is up and available at 2022 Greg Noonan Memorial Homebrew Competition (and 30 years since the Mashers first competition) - Brew Competition Online Entry & Management (Sam’s note: Official registration and entry deadline is THIS Friday, May 6th, but see note at the end)

We are running behind where we expected to be wrt entry and volunteer numbers at this time so I’m sending this reminder to ask you to ping your club again about registering beers for the competition and sign up to judge or steward.

The prizes and volunteer favors which President Jeff Simonds has wrangled this year are truly AWESOME among them:

  • A 10 gallon kettle from Spike Brewing
  • 50 x $20 gift cards good at any of the Farmhouse Group restaurants
  • 50 gift cards good for one 4 pack at The Alchemist
  • Over 100 packages of yeast from Lallemand, Fermentis, Omega, Imperial, and others
  • One 55lb bag of base malt and twenty 1lb bags of specialty malt for each style category from Country Malt Group
  • 25 lb bag of Czech Pilsen Floor Malt
  • Stainless Steel Baroko LUKR Faucet
  • 4 Coasters (hand-made ceramic coasters made in the CZ)
  • 4 oz (4 x 1 oz samples) each of CZ Saaz, CZ Sladek and CZ Kazbek hops
  • A box full of goodies from Blichmann Engineering
  • 2 VIP tickets to Siptemberfest from Meg’s Events
  • 4 free memberships to the AHA
  • Lots of hops from Champlain Valley Hops and other growers/suppliers

It would be a shame to miss out on these prizes and judge favors. And with the number of entries currently below that of prior years it means that the chances of winning a prize are improved this year!

Lastly, while we haven’t made a final decision yet there’s a strong chance we will push back the entry registration deadline to May 12th and the registration session to either Saturday May 14th (in the morning because there is a memorial event at Queen City for our friend and late Masher member Darrel Whitaker in the afternoon) or Sunday May 15th.

However please don’t assume the deadline will definitely be later. It’s really important for us to know ASAP whether we will pass the minimum entry count at which we can run the competition without taking a financial bath and if we don’t get there (we estimate 100 entries) we may have to reschedule or cancel.

Anyone planning to participate?
Is it relatively easy to ship bottles across the border?

J’aimerais bien participer mais je trust pas le shipping…

I participated in 2019 with the club shipping the bottles and it went fine. If the concern is bottles breaking en route are the plastic brown 500ml ones accepted in comps? The info page for this specific comp only talks about glass but maybe it’s just something that wasn’t considered worth mentioning.

@President @Dr_Beer

I’m not sure i understood this part:

Could the drop-off deadline be extended to Saturday may 14th or sunday may 15th?

That is how I read it

And I think the best chance to get beers there is a someone taking a drive. If we can put together enough entries to make it worth it, we need to let them know soon.

We have extended the entry deadline to Fri May 13th at 5PM for drop off at VT Homebrew Supply in Winooski or shipping to the location (Earthlogic aka the Church of Beer) on the 2022 Greg Noonan Memorial Homebrew Competition (and 30 years since the Mashers first competition) - Brew Competition Online Entry & Management website. The entry registration session is scheduled for Sat May 14th at 10AM at the same place so if you want to drive entries down we’d need you to get them there by then and you should co-ordinate with me. Sam can provide who ever might be driving them with my contact info or you can use the contact link on the competition website. We also bumped up the per person entry limit from 5 to 10 since it looks like we will have enough judges and be doing in person judging. Hopefully this clarifies things.

  • Jay H

Ok. I’ll speak with my brothers because we may drive down there for a little moutain bikin’ & beer tourin’. I’ll keep you informed soon.

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Hi Xavier,

We have pushed the entry deadline to Friday May 13th at 5PM and are
doing the entry registration on Saturday May 14th at 10AM in Essex Jct.
If you can get the entries there by 10AM on the 14th we will accept them
but please email me directly so I can provide you with my contact info
which I don’t want to publish in an online forum

  • Jay

@Dr_Beer ok I confirm I will come down for some mountain bikin’ and beer tastin’ and drop MontreAlers beer by saturday morning May 14th.

Hey Montrealers! Register your entries now and my brother and I will bring’em safely to the competition.

We are allowed 48 x 341 ml bottles so a total of 16 entries. Please keep us informed of your intentions so we don’t have too many bottles.

Bon, ok, tu es en train de me tordre le bras… Décu, les catégories de bières funky sont exclus :frowning:

Hi Xavier,

Glad that you and other MontreAlers will be sending some entries down,
Please go to 2022 Greg Noonan Memorial Homebrew Competition (and 30 years since the Mashers first competition) - Brew Competition Online Entry & Management
and send me your direct contact info and I’ll provide you mine so that just in case there is any last minute hiccup we can coordinate.

BTW My wife and I are registered to judge on June 10th and are looking forward to being able to visit and judge with MontreAlers again after so long.

Also I’m not sure where your competition is being held this year but if anyone can recommend a hotel nearby we’ll probably head up at least the night before and possibly hang out after if a group of folks will be doing that.

  • Jay

I am submitting 2 entries I would love if you bring :upside_down_face:

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3 for me :slight_smile:

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Here are the entries so far:

Xavier 3
Remi 3
Bruno 2
Albert 2
Eric 3
Yacine 2
Normand 2

Total 15

Max entries (to cross US customs) = 24

Available spots = 9

I’ll take two :slight_smile:

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How does 16 divide by 3 Trudels? Aren’t the limits per adult?

From what I read it’s one liter per person…

There are only 2 Trudel making the trip. We are allowed 24 x 341 ml each