New beer tap handle

Cest fou ce qu’on peut faire avec un printer 3D. Un collègue de travail m’en a fait 3 :

J’ai seulement un printer laser sans couleur mais c’est bien pareil. Voici le blueprint que j’ai utilisé :
Beer Faucet/Tap Handle w/Card Insert - Thingiverse

Eric, having a 3D printer at home is quite fun. I’ve been busy designing and printing…

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I bet… A friend got his last week and it’s running non-stop since, haha


I have a friend who makes fishing lures with his 3-d printer. Maybe I should get him to make me some tap handles.

In fact, can you make some MontreAlers tap handles as merchandise available on the website? :slight_smile:



@DenisB I had an idea or two to make one, haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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J’en veux une

moi aussi :wink:

Finally got around with playing with my tap handle ideas and came up with this.

I tried our main logo and there are too many small details to successfully print in tap handle sizes. The back side of this handle is flat, I could always design a high quality sticker that would fit.

The next thing to try is to print this in two colours using a one colour 3D printer.

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That’s awesome Mike!

Any opinion on the colours I should use?

Neon green is perfect

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Agree. Nice contrast

I think you what you posted was perfect. :slight_smile:

agreed that neon green is perfect. Once you get it down you could also do red, yellow and blue ( I have 4 taps :grin: )

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I’ll keep that in mind :wink:

Looks good! The one tap handle idea I had was to stick our club sticker on a wood tap handle that was circular at the top, kinda like some of the unibroue tap handles

love it :wink:

Hey @Treasurer , are you ready to start taking orders?:grinning:

@Terry First trial was a partial success. Some elements of the logo fell off after printing. I need to tweak some settings and try again.

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@Terry I finally figured out the process and have gotten some good results :grin:

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