March Bottle Exchange / Échange de bouteilles en mars

Hello All!

The next bottle exchange will be in March! Bottles will be due by March 12th, and will be ready for pickup shortly after. Signup is HERE.

Bonjour à tous !

Le prochain échange de bouteilles aura lieu en mars ! Les bouteilles devront être remises avant le 12 mars et seront prêtes à être récupérées peu après. L’inscription se fait ICI.


Would anyone be opposed to ciders in the mix?

J’allais dire dire moi mais je me suis ravisé. Ayons l’esprit ouvert! 💆🧘‍♂️

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Cider is OK with me.

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@President How many participants so far?

We have 11 signed up so far.

I just brewed my beer last night (a rebrew of the rauchbier that won “Beer of the Year”)
Brewfather_BeerXML_ASchlenkerlishv2_20220210.xml (9.2 KB)

My mash came in a couple points higher than the first time, but the look and aroma seemed pretty spot-on, so I have high hopes.

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Got some Dunkelweizen canned yesterday for the exchange!


Check le fancy toé :slight_smile: Bien hate d’en avoir une.

Anyone from the southwestish part of the island who wants to organize some muling to get bottles to and from Sam’s let me know. I should have some beer ready in a couple of weeks and I think it’s my turn to drive. :slight_smile:

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I’m in. Thanks Marc!

As usual, I’m in !

Still at 11 participants?

A quick check says we’re up to 15!


Strike that, 14. There was a duplicate I missed.

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Still at 14 @President? I’m planning on dropping my bottles this week.

Yup, still 14!

Reminder - beers are due by this Saturday

I’m going to visit a friend in Villeray this evening at around 5:30. Can I drop my bottles at the same time?

Yeah, that should work. See you tonight!

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The beers and ciders are ready for pickup!