Looking for / Recherche Hop Rhizome

Hello gang,

Looking for planting some hops this year.

I think that time of the year is coming where you need to split your rhizomes.

Before i buy a plant from Houblon Franklyn somebody is splitting cascade, alpharoma ( never heard of that one but description look good!) or something similar?

No issue paying in money or beer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll have Chinook Rhizomes soon if you’re intersted. A very vigorous plant.


I might have a cascade and a Cashmere rhizome available, need to check on them first

I’m looking for some, pref centennial or cascade if anyone finds a good source!

I can probably dig a solid handful of rhizomes from my Cascade this year, it is all over the place :slight_smile: I am in Hochelaga and they cost a beer each :slight_smile:

Contact me, I have both in my backyard. They will be ready soon

I have Triple Perle. Very similar to Perle but with higher Alpha %. Let me know if you are interested.