February Bottle Exchange / Échange de bouteilles de février

As the bottles are running out on our last exchange, it is time announce the next one! The next bottle exchange will be the last weekend of February. Bottles will be due to collections points on that Friday (Feb. 26) and then will be ready for pickup back at the collection points that Saturday (Feb. 27). We’ll determine the collection points based on general groups of members participating, then let you know the closest one to you a week or so before.

This time we will limit the number of bottles to 10. You don’t need to submit that many, but you can if you want. You’ll get back as many beers as you put in.

The sign-up is HERE

Post any questions below

Alors que les bouteilles s’épuisent lors de notre dernier échange, il est temps d’annoncer le prochain ! Le prochain échange de bouteilles aura lieu le dernier week-end de février. Les bouteilles seront dues aux points de collecte vendredi (26 février) et seront ensuite prêtes à être récupérées aux points de collecte samedi (27 février). Nous déterminerons les points de collecte en fonction des groupes généraux de membres participants, puis nous vous ferons savoir le plus proche de chez vous une semaine environ avant.

Cette fois-ci, nous limiterons le nombre de bouteilles à 10. Vous n’avez pas besoin d’en soumettre autant, mais vous pouvez le faire si vous le souhaitez. Vous récupérerez autant de bières que vous en aurez mises.

L’inscription est ICI

Posez vos questions ci-dessous

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Excellent, looking forward to it!

Je n’ai jamais participé avant, mais ça m’intéresse !

Est-ce qu’on reçoit des commentaires sur notre bière par la suite ?

Quand vous parlez de 10 bouteilles, est-ce 10 bouteilles de la même bière ?

Vous pouvez demander un retour d’information si vous le souhaitez (spécifique ou général), mais vous n’êtes pas obligé de le faire. Dans le passé, la plupart des gens étaient plus que disposés à donner leur avis.

Pour les 10 bouteilles, il peut s’agir de 10 bières identiques, de 10 bières différentes, ou de quelque chose entre les deux (par exemple 5+5, 1+2+3+4, 9+1, etc.) ou moins (par exemple 2+2, etc.). C’est vous qui décidez.

En supposant que nous ayons une participation suffisante, chaque bière ira à une personne différente, donc si vous fournissez 10 bouteilles de la même bière (et demandez un retour d’information), vous obtiendrez 10 opinions différentes.

You can ask for feedback if you want it (specific or general), but you don’t have to. In the past, most people have been more than willing to provide their opinions.

For the 10 bottles, it can be 10 of the same beer, 10 different beers, or something in between (e.g. 5+5, 1+2+3+4, 9+1, etc.) or fewer (e.g. 2+2, etc.). Completely up to you.

Assuming we have enough participation, each beer will go to a different person, so if you provide 10 bottles of the same beer (and ask for feedback), you’ll get 10 different opinions.

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How may participant so far, Ô great president?

Thine president decrees: “We have 12 people signed up so far, but there is still time to get in on the action!”

Reminder that this bottle exchange is coming up in two weeks. Start setting aside your beers (or doing the counting on how much beer is left in your kegs so you’ll have some left to bottle).

If you want to join in but haven’t signed up, there is still time. We’ll send out the drop locations at the end of next week to the people that have signed up.


It looks like given the locations we have of brewers signed up, we’ll keep with the same drop locations as last time. Tristan (@memberatlarge) on the South Shore, and me (@President) in Villeray. Contact the closest drop location person to arrange for the bottle drop. We’ll hope to have all the bottles collected by next Friday (Feb. 26), and ready for pickup on Saturday, Feb. 27.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to post here or send me a private message.


Trying my luck one more time: Anyone driving through Verdun (H4G) on their way to the drop off and doesn’t mind picking up my bottles? I have some purple sauerkraut to share, or if you want gas money that’s fine too.


Scratch that. The beer I planned to swap smells like vomit, time to boil everything and rethink my freewheeling approach to brewing. Unless somebody wants to confirm what butyric acid smells like?

Ah that’s sad. Any idea what happened??

I’ve done so much weird stuff lately I can’t narrow it down to a specific probable cause. I’m seriously going to reboot and try brewing a basic pale ale with a boil, sanitizer, commercial yeast, etc. You can only dump so many experiments.

Hey guys, I apologize I’m not able to make the trip to Tristan’s today to make the swap between drop locations, so the beers won’t be ready to pick up tonight. I was waiting until the weather eased off and now I have a family thing. I will make the trip tomorrow and let you know when the beers are ready for pickup.



All good Sam, thanks for keeping us posted!

Luc, assure-toi de ramasser une de mes stouts, c’est ta recette🤝

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Je suis en train de boire cette bière :beer: mais il n’y a pas d’étiquette, Sam m’a dit de qui ça venait mais j’ai oublié honteusement :roll_eyes:. Si tu te reconnais et que tu souhaites avoir une rétroaction, privée ou ici même sur ce forum, fais-moi signe!

Just got my bottles from the exchange and am very excited to sample all your brews! I didn’t add any info beyond the little sticker on the top of my bottles, so if you have an anonymous Southside IPA, or Irish Red, it’s from me.
Feedback is always welcome and I’m happy to share recipes if anyone wants.

The beers are ready for pickup!


Awesome, I’ve sent an Irish Red in the swap as well.
Might take you up on the recipe seeing how well it did in the competition, think mine could use a bit of tweaking.

I look forward to tasting yours Luc!

Here’s my recipe:
9.75kg Maris Otter (93.9%)
0.3kg Caramel 60 (2.9%)
0.20kg Caramel 120 (1.9%)
0.13 dark chocolate malt (1.3%)

Mash at 67C (153F) for 60min

25.7 IBUs of EKG or Fuggle, single addition at 60min.
I usually use US-05 at 19C.