Christmas Bottle Exchange / Échange de bouteilles de Noël

Bonjour à tous,

Cette année, aura lieu de notre traditionnelle fête de fin d’année/de Noël, nous aimerions organiser un échange de bouteilles sur le thème des fêtes et de l’hiver. L’échange fonctionnera comme suit :

  1. Si vous voulez participer, inscrivez-vous ci-dessous
  2. En fonction de la localisation des participants, nous vous indiquerons le lieu de dépôt et le nombre de bières pour votre sous-groupe
  3. Vous déposez vos bières avant le vendredi 11 décembre (dans 7 semaines)* Les officiers du club trient et redistribuent les bouteilles aux lieux de dépôt le 12, et vous pouvez les récupérer à tout moment après cette date
  4. Boire de la bière et partager un peu de joie
  5. Nous aurons une réunion virtuelle le 19 décembre pour discuter de la bière

En ce qui concerne les bières, nous vous laissons libre de choisir ce que vous souhaitez brasser et partager, mais nous avons quelques suggestions à vous faire.

  • Thème 1 - Stouts impériales - Si vous souhaitez participer à la “Stout off impériale” qui a lieu chaque année lors de la fête de Noël, c’est l’occasion de le faire. Étiquetez vos bouteilles en conséquence, et nous organiserons une dégustation et un système de vote. (Votre foie m’a demandé de vous rappeler qu’il n’est pas nécessaire de les boire toutes en une seule fois).* Thème 2 - Les bières de Noël - Montrez votre habileté avec les épices de la période des fêtes. Des porter au pain d’épices, du cidre réchauffé à la cannelle et au piment de la Jamaïque, une stout à l’avoine avec des notes de muscade et de vanille, un dubbel avec des notes de cerises et de raisins secs… la liste est longue.
  • Thème 3 - Tout autre chose - Il peut s’agir d’une bière que vous aimez particulièrement ou dont vous êtes fier. Il peut s’agir d’une bière pour laquelle vous souhaitez avoir un avis. Ça peut vraiment être n’importe quoi

Alors, qu’en dites-vous, vous voulez participer ? Inscrivez-vous ici

A la vôtre,

Hello All,

In lieu of our normal end-of-year/Christmas party this year, we would like to organize a holiday and winter-themed bottle exchange. The exchange will work like this:

  1. If you want to participate, sign up below
  2. Based on the locations of participants, we’ll let you know the drop location and number of beers for your subgroup
  3. You drop off your beers by Friday, December 11th (7 weeks from now)
  4. The club officers will sort and redistribute the bottles to the drop locations on the 12th, and you can pick up any time after that
  5. Drink beer and share in some joy
  6. We’ll have a virtual meetup December 19th to hang out and talk beer

As for the beers, we will leave it open to you as to what you would like to brew and share, but we have a couple suggestions.

  • Theme 1 - Imperial Stouts - If you would like to participate in the “Imperial Stout-off” that occurs annually at the Christmas party, this is your opportunity. Label your bottles accordingly, and we’ll organize a tasting and voting system. (Your liver has asked me to kindly remind you that you don’t need to drink them all in one night.)
  • Theme 2 - Christmas Brews - Show your deft hand with the spices of the holiday season. Gingerbread porters, warmed hard cider with cinnamon and allspice, an oatmeal stout with hints of nutmeg and vanilla, a dubbel with notes of cherries and raisins… the list goes on.
  • Theme 3 - Anything else - It can be a beer you particularly love or are proud of. It can be a beer you want feedback on. It can really be anything

So what do you say, do you want to join in? Sign up here

Regarding the question about being a drop-off location, how does it work exactly? Members will drop bottles off at my place, I stash them, then at some point a board member comes over and picks them up, then comes back later and drops off different bottles, and then members come by and pick up their selection?

Yeah, that’s almost exactly what we had in mind for being a drop location. From our side, the plan is to map out where the members and potential drop-locations are, then choose the drop-location so that we can have just a few places close to everyone. That way we minimize the distance people have to go to drop-off and pick-up bottles.
If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Any updates on the drop off/swaping of brews?

Here are the details we have so far -

Where are the drops:

Tristan’s place on the south shore (

Sam’s place in Villeray (

Arthur’s place in West Island (

Contact the person closest to you to get the address and arrange a drop. If you can’t make it to one of those three places, let me know and we’ll work something out.

Drop them off by Friday (Dec. 11), and we’ll have them sorted and ready for pickup by Saturday night.

The beer:

We have 15 people signed up, so if you can make 14 bottles, that would be great (one to share with everyone else). If you can’t, or would rather not, don’t sweat it; bring what number fits you. You’ll get back the number of bottles you bring.

Bottle format:

The bottles can be any size, but I’d recommend sticking near the 355mL range if you’ve got them.


Make sure each bottle has the following:

  1. Identification that it came from you (i.e. Name and email) This will help us in tracking the bottles as we sort them and if you want to give a thanks to the brewer, you’ll have that too
  2. A description so the drinker knows what they’re cracking open. Style and/or descriptors are helpful. ABV is necessary in my opinion.
  3. Whether you’re open to feedback or just looking to share your beer and enjoy others
  4. If you are participating in the Imperial Stout competition, make sure it is clear. We will be setting up a voting site to track the people’s choice.

Any car owners passing through Verdun on their way to the drop-point that wouldn’t mind helping me out with the delivery + pickup?

How many people are participating in the imperial stout competition?

I don’t think I’ve got a winner on my hands but I’ll be competing nevertheless

I can’t participate in the imperial stout competition but I will share my exp 06300 rye pale ale.

Hey Marc, I can help you out with pickup and delivery.

Based on the signup, we have 2 yes’s for the Imperial Stout Competition, 4 maybe’s, and 1 “What are you talking about?”

To answer the last question - Historically at the club Christmas party, several people have brought their Imperial stouts and had a side by side tasting. Nothing formal, but more a way to get together and celebrate a some great winter beers. We’re trying to keep that tradition running by sharing the stouts in this bottle exchange and putting together an informal voting page so one fine soul can claim some bragging rights.

J’ai oublié de l’indiquer sur mes bouteilles, mais je suis très ouverts aux commentaires. Je suis nouveau en brassage alors chaque petits conseils (ou gros) m’aidera dans l’amélioration du produit!!

Je n’avais pas 14 bières en bouteilles et pas plus de 5 bouteilles de la même sorte, alors je suis allé avec plusieurs styles de bière.

Je vais le savoir pour l’an prochain ! Je prévois justement brasser une impériale cet hiver !

Same here, David. I’m giving a weird assortment of things since I do 10L batches and use 500ml bottles - I didn’t want to give away almost whole batch. I came up with a mixed bag of 9 bottles, looking forward to seeing what other people are up to.

The bottles are sorted and ready for pickup! Feel free to use this space to elaborate on your recipes or generally chat about the beers. Participants have the emails of the other participants so if you want to send something to just the brewer, you can do that there as well.

Thanks to all for participating! Enjoy!


Looking good! Ça va être bon: un calendrier de l’avent homebrew style :yum:

Justement, le GTA brew club font une activité comme ça. Partage de bières sous le thème du calendrier de l’avent. J’ai trouvé l’idée excellente.

That’s pretty cool Xavier, I like the style. I went looking for a higher-res version of the image so I could read the details and came up empty but I did find Eric P photobombing their facebook banner image wearing a MontreAlers t-shirt - nice work!

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MarcGuay said :
… but I did find Eric P photobombing their facebook banner image wearing a MontreAlers t-shirt

Hahaha, that was the goal! :grinning:

Exp 06300 Rye APA.

I brewed this one to showcase experimental hop Exp 06300. See attached for details.

I would be more than happy to receive your feedback positive or negative, right here in this forum! Dont be shy!
Unknown.pdf (125.4 KB)

Yeah, I didn’t follow directions with the labeling. My “JK Rauch” is a rauchbier that clocks in at 5.5% ABV. Feedback is welcome on the forum or by emailing me at Here’s the recipe:

10 lbs Smoked Malt (9.0 SRM)
4.00 oz Melanoiden Malt (20.0 SRM)
2.00 oz Roasted Barley (300.0 SRM)
1.00 oz Perle [8.0%] - Boil 60 min
1.00 oz Hallertauer Hersbrucker [4.0%] - Boil 60 min
0.5 pack Escarpment Krispy (Skare Kveik)