Calendrier de l’Avent 2023 / 2023 Advent calender bottle swap!

Une fois de plus cette année, à la suite du grand succès des deux années précédentes, ton club de brasseurs amateurs organise un échange de bières pour le mois de décembre, dans un style similaire à un calendrier de l’Avent, mais au lieu des petits chocolats, il y aura des bouteilles de bière. Je comprends bien que les premières chutes de neige ne se sont pas encore manifestées, et que les feuilles n’ont pas terminé de tomber mais il est déjà temps de réfléchir à ce que tu aimerais brasser et partager !

Le concept demeure le même : tu auras l’opportunité de partager 24 bouteilles de ta création (entre 250 et 500 ml par bouteille - tous les styles sont les bienvenus !). En retour, tu recevras 24 bouteilles différentes provenant des autres participants de l’échange. Nous t’encourageons également à concevoir une étiquette originale pour embellir tes bouteilles. Les bouteilles devront être remises au plus tard le 17 novembre 2023 (les points de dépôt seront confirmés ultérieurement), et tu pourras les récupérer à partir du 20 novembre.

Pour participer, il te suffit de remplir le formulaire d’inscription ci-dessous pour nous faire part de ton intention, et bonne brasse !

Inscris-toi ici :beers:

Once again this year, following the resounding success of the past two years, your homebrew club is organizing a beer exchange for the month of December, in a style similar to an Advent calendar, but instead of small chocolates, there will be beer bottles. I understand that the first snowflakes have not yet appeared, and the leaves have not finished falling, but it is already time to think about what you would like to brew and share!

The concept remains the same: you will have the opportunity to share 24 bottles of your creation (ranging from 250 to 500 ml per bottle - all styles are welcome!). In return, you will receive 24 different bottles from the other participants. We also encourage you to design an original label to adorn your bottles. Bottles must be submitted no later than November 17, 2023 (drop-off points will be confirmed later), and you can pick them up starting from November 20.

To participate, simply fill out the registration form below to let us know your intention, and happy brewing!

Sign up here :beers:

Love it. I’m in.

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À noter qu’il sera possible de changer le nom et le style de votre bière ultérieurement. L’important, c’est de s’inscrire!!

Please note that it will be possible to change the name and style of your beer at a later time. The important part here is to sign up!!

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La fermentation est débutée depuis dimanche pour cet événement!

Ohhh yeah! Can’t miss that

Not sure what I’ll brew though… I have an old white wine kit concentrate hanging around. Could be fun to use that to make like a grape tripel of some sort.


Hi folks. Trying to decide if I’m going to participate this year and have 2 questions:

  1. Would a very-low alcohol (0.5% to 1%) beverage be interesting, something akin to a carbonated hop water?
  2. It would need to be kept cold all of the time (wild fermentation with residual sugar inside a plastic bottle), is that possible given the way pick-ups and drop-offs have happened in the past?

After watching the Escarpment Labs presentation on how to brew low to no alcohol beer, I would say it’s probably not a good idea.

They were pretty adamant about how difficult it is to handle such a low alcohol beer at the homebrew level

Just my 2 cents since I don’t usually participate in the advent bottle swap (I don’t or rarely ever bottle.)


Hey, I’ll be delighted to have a low ABV product during the week! Those are tough to brew, I’ll be very intrigued to taste it!

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If too hard to brew low ABV, maybe aiming for a bit more alcohol. I’ve brewed around 2% that turned out very tasty and not contaminated at all!

What I’m considering contributing is not exactly the result of brewing in the normal sense of the word. It’s a beverage made with water kefir grains (which is a symbiotic community of bacteria and yeasts like a Kombucha mother), sugar, hops, and maybe some other flavourings.

I’d be interested in seeing this presentation if it’s available online somewhere…

You can download the PDF presentation on the Escarpment website. Very complete and thorough. If you want more info, you can email Richard or Nate from Escarpment, they are so nice and will answer all your questions! They helped me with my ISA 2.6%, and it turned out an amazing product!

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(18) How To Make Non-Alcoholic Beers Through Fermentation | Summer Webinar Series #5 - YouTube

They announce them ahead of time, so you can watch live and ask questions. They then upload them to You Tube on the following day.

So far, I’ve watched a few of them and have found them quite interesting.


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Sounds very unique and delicious! I love trying any fermented beverage!

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I can make sure the bottles stay cold while they are in my possession. Beyond that, it’s gonna be up to each of the participants.

I’m up for trying a hopped up Kefir water!

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Each person submits 23 bottles, not 24, right? Since one of the days is their own beer?

It makes sorting easier if you can put in 24 bottles. This way, when they get sorted, they can all be the same, versus having to know which box goes to which person. For the smaller exchanges it was easier to track, but with 24 brewers, it’s just easier to make them all the same.

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Not sure it’s a great idea… Not everyone has 24 spots in their fridges

And like Denis said, it’s a bit risky.

I tried doing a low alcohol stout once and ended up with mold right on top. Freaked me out about that kind of beer!

Hi Vincent. Maybe I’m misunderstanding but you would only need 1 spot in your fridge for my bottle unless you’re distributing them like Sam. The product doesn’t have the same sensitivities as standard single-yeast beer because of the mixed culture which includes acidifying bacteria that lower the pH.

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…Didn’t think about it like that :rofl:

It’s probably less risky with those bugs in there lowering the pH

If you are sure about what you are doing, I’d be okay with it then!