Any Interest in Beaus + MoB 2021 Oktoberfest "Mystery Box" Iron Brewer Competition?

Hello MontreAlers,

I’m a former MontreAler, and co-organizer of a local homebrew competition in Ottawa. Our sponsors (Beau’s and BSG) have supplied us with 100 mystery boxes for a local competition, but we have only managed to get 75 of them purchased for the competition. I thought I’d reach out to y’all to see if there was any interest in either joining our competition or hosting one of your own. Below is the announcement for our competition. If there is enough interest in Montreal, we can arrange a drop off/pick up of the 25 remaining boxes–I could possibly have the boxes delivered this week, in fact.

If there is enough interest, I can send you the registration link and we can work out the logistics together. Ideally I would want to have a phone call with the point person on your end.

The details are below.


The competition is jointly sponsored by Beau’s All Natural Brewery, Brewers
Supply Group (BSG) and the Members of Barleyment.

All proceeds this year will be donated directly to Hidden Harvest Ottawa

Competition Format & Rules:
This competition is in an “Iron Brewer” format, similar to TV shows like
Iron Chef or Chopped. Use only what’s in your provided kit (with a few
exceptions – see below).

Ingredients will be supplied and muling/pickups coordinated as last year
(i.e., distribution through neighbourhood hubs). Kits will include base
malt, specialty grain, hops, yeast and some other surprises. Every
participant will get identical ingredients. There is only one size kit this
year. The included malt should be plenty for all batch sizes up to 10
gallons, but will result in a pretty low gravity 10 gallon batch if you
choose to go that route.

None of the grain will be milled. If you do not have a mill, please
coordinate with someone that has a mill.

Items should be used as provided. No ingredient modification such as
roasting or smoking malt.

There will be a lot of flexibility possible. Not all ingredients or
quantities need to be used. Some or none of each ingredient can go into
your beer. Leftover ingredients are yours to keep. Your batch size is
completely up to you. You can brew as many iterations of the recipe or a
variety of recipes with your ingredients so long as you aren’t adding
anything that wasn’t included in the box that isn’t salts or fining
agents. If you choose to brew ten 1 gallon batches, do it. If you do a
single 10 gallon batch and it’s terrible, enter it anyway.

Water adjustment salts and fining agents are permitted.

Beer can be naturally or force carbonated, however, it is the brewer’s
responsibility to ensure carbonation is appropriate on exchange day.

Brewing period will be approximately 6 weeks. All dates are still TBD.

6 bottles or cans (virtually any size or format), labelled appropriately
with provided codes and style (no names) must be submitted and will be
sorted similar to a holiday beer exchange. Participants will receive other
brewers’ beers in exchange for their entries.

Judging will be performed by the participants and scoring will be submitted
via online form. Style should be declared, but beers will be judged against
each other as there will be no categories. Scoring will be shared with
participants following the closing of the event. Think of this as “Brewers
Choice” vs the usual “People’s Choice” we do at Oktoberfest. The beers
should be judged against each other, and so, ideally at a single sitting.
Judging in groups with non participants is encouraged (partners, family,
fully vaccinated friends). It is not mandatory to consume the full volume
of beer - simply enough for a simple ranking.

Anticipated Timeline:

  • Boxes supplied ASAP (pending some shipping and logistics)
  • Bottle swap 6-8 weeks later.
  • Judging complete 3-4 weeks later.

The mystery kit costs $35. Please send payment immediately following
registration to:

There will be no shipping of either ingredient boxes, or bottles, or
prizes. Muling is encouraged. The sorting will likely happen somewhere
central in a masked and physically distanced manner as required by local
health regulations.

Open to anyone capable of dropping off and picking up items in the Ottawa

Grand prize:

Organizing Team: Alex S, Ian M, Andrew L + Beaus + BSG.

Cool. We’ve had several “IronAler” competitions in the past, so we are all quite familiar with the concept.

If I think I might get a chance to come out your way in the next week or so, I might just pick up a box.

My brewing season started again last night with a CAP and I was planning on brewing every 10 to 15 days for the next little while, or at least until all my kegs are filled up again.

So, adding an extra brew session in there for the “Iron Brewer” is definitely possible.

I’ll be in touch and I’ll try calling you tomorrow, probably before noon.


Ohh wow, i’m interested!

Just to have an idea. Roughly, the beer has to be ready for december ? Im just thinking if it’s doable because I will have to do the trip twice to Ottawa.

I could be interested as well.

I’d be interested too.

The plan is that we find a point person in Montreal who will take the extra boxes and distribute them to those interested (they’re $35 each; return to us the ones that aren’t taken). Brewers give 6 bottles to the point person by the deadline and then the point person meets with us in Ottawa for the split, where we make the flights. Is there anyone in the MontreAlers would take this on?

I don’t know what my brewing schedule in the next couple of weeks is going to look like, but I’m interested too. I don’t think I can commit to being the point person though.

Hi Alex, thanks for the offer! I can be your MontreAlers contact. Not sure if I can fit all these boxes in my Volkswagen but I guess we’ll figure out the details later.

You can reach me at 514-717-2132

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I’m in, personally, and on the same page as Xavier in terms of the club. We can make this work. Xavier can run point in Montreal, and I’ll do whatever I can to help (I have a big car and in-laws in Ottawa that might get an extra visit)

Just now realizing we may need to update our discourse names as it may not be obvious Xavier is the VP. Also I’m Sam! Hello!

Fantastic! I’ve already spoken to Xavier and we’re figuring out how to get the boxes out to you. It will be 20 boxes for $35 each (100% donated to charity; to be clear, we’re “selling” these to entrants and we’ll take back what doesn’t get used). Once we have things more solidified, I’ll provide you with the registration link.


Sounds like fun! I’m in

If it’s due in december or more, i’m in.

I’m interested but it depends on the timing

Count me in as well!

I’d be interested as well, keep us posted once the details are worked out.

I’m interested!

Count me in too! I’d even be interested in a small team effort…

The boxes have arrived at Marc’s place in Verdun and are ready for pickup. You can either contact him directly or arrange pickup with the officer closest to you. There are only 20 boxes so first come first served.

So far if I’m not mistaken 14 members have mentioned their interest so don’t wait!

To reserve your box please confirm on this thread and register here:

And send 35$ Interac payment using this email adress:

Happy brewing

Les boîtes sont arrivées chez Marc à Verdun et sont prêtes à être récupérées. Vous pouvez le contacter directement ou organiser le ramassage avec l’officier le plus proche de chez vous. Il n’y a que 20 boîtes, donc premier arrivé, premier servi.

Jusqu’à présent, si je ne me trompe pas, 14 membres ont mentionné leur intérêt, alors n’attendez pas !

Pour réserver votre boîte, veuillez confirmer sur ce fil de discussion et vous inscrire ici :

Et envoyez un paiement Interac de 35$ en utilisant cette adresse email :

Bon brassage

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I may get a box from you or else I’ll get one from Alex in Ottawa. If Frank gets involved, let me know. He could maybe pick up a box for me since he’s not too far from me.

Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I’m going to swing by Ottawa sometime this week.