2022 Bourbon Barrel Second Fill

I added servomyces yeast nbutrients to the group order list. If you want a pack, you can adjust your order.

Point of clarification. Am I buying the pail of D2 belgian candi syrup to be distributed to all? 7.9kg on the group buy. If anyone wants more than that, they should adjust their quantities.
@Treasurer, did you hear back from Candi Syrup inc?

OBK a le D-180 en stock si jamais… : D-180 - Premium Extra Dark Belgian Candi Syrup (ontariobeerkegs.com)

No News at all from Candi Syrup.

The D2 Belgian candi syrup at Mout comes in a 25kg container. So that will be a lot of leftover if only 7.9 are needed… leaving 17kg, that is a lot of left over :face_exhaling: Personally I already have candi syrup on hand, but would not object from acquiring more. I figured that candi syrup was not a common ingredient that people had and that most people would participate in purchasing it.

Yeah that’s a lot.
Maybe others not participating in the barrel might be interested? But that might just overcomplicate things

25 kg is indeed a lot! I do not plan on using more in the relatively near future than what is required in the recipe.

But if we all get 3x 1 lb bags of the D-180, I will not cry over an extra 225 g of D-180 that did not make it in the beer. The issue is that it is expensive at 7.89$/lb.

@kurthoughton have you asked Moût how much they sell the 25 kg pail of candi sugar?

7.9kg is what has been added to the group buy. In theory we should need a total of about 14kg (assuming 12 brewers at 5gal and 1.13kg per batch), leaving 11kg left over. That’s still a lot. I’ll find out the price for the bucket to see if the savings makes it worthwhile.

If everyone were willing to accept +/- 2kg, we’d cover the whole bucket and we’d each have some leftover for a future brew. I’m brewing 10gal, so I’ll need a bit more than 2kg, but if I got 3kg, I’m willing to freeze the extra 750g with the expectation that it’ll get used eventually.

@kurthoughton While browsing for something else on Beergrains, I found out that they carry the Belgian Candi Syrup D2 in the 1lbs size. If you decide not to go the 25kg route, this is always an option and it is a bit more economical then buying D-180 from OBK. Plus it would be a great way to support another sponsor.

Just got off the phone with Mout. Here’s the lowdown:

They only have around 15kg of Franco Pale malt. As far as other European pale malt goes, they suggested Weyermann. Any thoughts on this substitution? If I can get 15kg of Franco, I can blend it half-half.

The bucket of D2 is $200, meaning that it comes out to $8/kg. It’s roughly half the price of the D-180 but we have to buy almost twice as much, plus it’ll be a little complicated to split the bucket. My vote is to pay for the pre-packaged D2 from Beergrains. @Treasurer do you have a contact there that might be willing to offer us any additional discount?

The rest is all available. I didn’t ask for prices yet, I’ll be sending in the order as soon as I hear back from enough of you regarding the pale malt choice (not that we have much of one).

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@kurthoughton We have a 5% discount code in the members section of the website.

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I would definitely go with the package from Beer grains.

For the malt, I’ll go with everyone, I don’t have any preference.

+1 package syrup, splitting a 25kg seem like a complicated thing.
D2 vs D-180, is there a difference?

Atelier biere et vin usually have some packs, that could also be an option.

I’m picking up the Mout order this afternoon, and the packs of D2 will arrive sometime next week. We’ll be ready for that fresh batch of yeast as soon as it comes in!

On the yeast front, it should ship next week. My last update from Escarpment:

We were able to harvest the West Abbey ahead of schedule here. We’ll be packaging it up as soon as QC clears on it this Thursday/Friday. This means we can get it shipped out first thing next week pending that QC clear.


Good news, I just got notification from Escarpment that the yeast has shipped.

I received the yeast today! Also a little surprise for the participants, the clubs has decided to pick up the tab for the yeast :partying_face:

@kurthoughton are you around tomorrow evening or Saturday morning? I need to go into town and I could swing by to drop off the yeast for distribution.

If anyone wants to come to my place in St-Hubert to pickup their yeast, please let me know.


Amazing! Thanks so much!
Yes, I’m around tomorrow evening but likely not Saturday morning.

The yeast has been dropped off at @kurthoughton home.

If you requested a yeast pack from Mike, DM me and we’ll sort out the pickup. I live in NDG and work in Ahuntsic near the Marché Centrale.