YCH Azacca

Selling off some Azacca from a hop contract.
Cold stored at Country Malt Group

$170 /5kg box (multiple boxes available)


I am interested in that. Is it last year’s harvest? What would be the modalities for picking up a box?


Crop year 2021.
If you could come down to Kahnawake Brewing Company, I can get you one straight out of the feeezer

Awesome. I’m in for one box. I wasn’t planning on going to the South shore for a while. Is it ok if I come pay and pick up the box only in a couple of weeks or is it urgent?

No rush. Whenever you can

Thanks a lot. I have been meaning to go, but considering the current chaos where I live (even getting gas is like going on a hunt) and still no electricity, I have been in survival mode. I will let you know soon when I can go.