Wine Vinegar

Anyone have experience fermenting wine vinegar?

I have 19L of ‘wine’ from a failed experiment (refermenting pressed skins with water and table sugar). Its not completely bad (the kind of wine you serve to your least favorite neighbor) but it has a slight vinegar taste.

My plan was to boil it down a bit, then ferment with some organic vinegar with mother. Any better ideas?

Hi Riccardo,

I recommend Sandor Katz’s book The Art of Fermentation. Can you see these excerpts? (He basically says to do what you’ve suggested with some additional info about container shape).

Wow, thanks Marc. This helps. I won’t reduce the consistency and I’ll just go ahead and start with a 1:4 ratio of vinegar to wine.

In case anyone is interested, this worked out. Pretty much followed the recommendations in the book and 2 weeks later had wine vinegar.

Tried the same with some IPA and voila, IPA vinegar. After stepping up a few times the red color is no longer noticeable in the beer vinegar

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