Various hardware

I’ll have various pieces of hardware for sale soon. Just curious how much interest there may be for the following:
Sanke kegs (3)
Blichmann Therminator (plate chiller)
3/4" ball valves (2 possibly 3)
Odds and ends of little pieces, etc.
I’m actually thinking of either having some sort of “garage sale” out here in the spring when the weather is nice and Wood Bros brewery is open (5 mins away from me) or else, pack everything up and bringing it to an AGM presuming this damn pandemic is over by then. Problem with packing everything up and bringing it to Montreal is that I may have to bring some of it back if I don’t get rid of it all. :slight_smile:

What size are the Sanke kegs? And how have you been using them?

I’m sure we can find a place for them until they sell if you bring them to Montreal

The Sanke kegs were acquired several years ago in the off chance that I was to rebuild some of my brewing vessels or to possibly use them as fermentation vessels.

They’ve been sitting around all this time and I don’t foresee using them, so I might as well let someone else use them.


I bet a whole bunch of us have gear that’s collecting dust. I know I do.
A homebrewer garage sale could be a good idea. Outside, this summer, pandemic permitting of course.


That’s pretty much what I was thinking.

Great idea ! Anyone volunteer to champion this initiative?

I’m game to co-organize this. Anyone else in?

Kurt, the club will help you with this initiative. Just let us what you need.

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I guess it comes down to whether we’re going to do this as a virtual garage sale, or an onsite garage sale sometime this spring/summer. First things, first for me though will be to do an inventory of what I have for sale and what price I want for it.