Van Brewers

Van Brewers results are up (but not the score sheets yet it seems). Looks like we did pretty decent again. Especially Frank Schneidawind! Félicitations à tout le monde qui a gagné!


Good haul for the MontreAlers! Congratulations, everyone!

3rd Marc-Alexandru Dobrescu 6A: Märzen
3rd Marc-Alexandru Dobrescu 10B: Dunkels Weissbier
3rd Riccardo Santopietro 15A: Irish Red Ale
1st Jesse Owens 19A: American Amber Ale
1st Frank Schneidawind 23B: Flanders Red Ale
3rd Marc-Alexandru Dobrescu 27A5: Piwo Grodziskie
2nd Frank Schneidawind 28A: Brett Beer



I wonder if we’ll be getting our scoresheets or not :frowning:


Before they posted the results on the site there was a date given of July 21st for everything to be done. I thought it was a typo and they meant June, but maybe not…

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Ça peut prendre pas mal de temps, numériser des fiches… J’espère qu’ils ont accès à un système automatisé!

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Score sheets are finally up!


Congrats Frank! Great Job!
Contrats to the rest also!

anyone else missing scoresheets? I received 1 out of 2

Jeez that sucks… I got all of mine. Good luck!

Missing one as well

Its not so much that the scoresheet is missing, but sucks that they don’t even acknowledge my email.

Out of curiosity, has anyone received prizes or medals from this comp yet?

@Riccardo @Yac.b , did you ever hear more about your scoresheets?


Nope. I never heard back and I’m still waiting for my prize.


Hey, @Riccardo and @Yac.b, so on a whim today I emailed the organizers of the Van Brewers competition. Lo and behold–by pure chance I’m sure haha–a couple hours later they email us all saying they’re finally ready to ship medals. I forgot to mention the notes in my email, but you guys should take advantage and reply to his email and try to get an answer on your scoresheets!

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Thanks Jesse. I’ll give it a try

@Riccardo and @schneidawind I received the prizes this afternoon. I sent you both an email with my contact info.

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Finally received my missing scoresheets yesterday.

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Huzzah!! !!!

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