USA package reception service close to the border

Hey all !

Back when I was near the Gatineau region, I knew of a couple of places near the closest border (Ogdensburg) to receive orders in the US but I’m not sure of an equivalent thing here… I’m assuming there are similar services near Lacolle border crossing but would anyone have advice ? (I know it’s not currently something that can be done, pandemic and all, but it’ll eventually open up again) :slight_smile:

Thanks !

I know of a few people that used freeport in Champlain

Recently I’ve heard about Half-way house Freight Forwarding, i’ve never used them, but the house is on the line, so you don’t need to go to the states as they claim, only pay the duty at the Customs.

If you do use Half-way House them let us know, curious of how all the process is going


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I used the Shipping Shop in Malone, NY in the past. about 20 minutes from the Trout River crossing

+1 on Freeport Forwarding!

+1 for Half-Way House Freigh Forwarding.

Super cheap, like 7$ for a really big box. You pass Canadian border, get your stuff, and come back to custom. No need to go to the US since it’s between both countries.

It’s a old man named Paul-Maurice that is in charge. “A la bonne franquette” like we say in french.
He is driving around is property in a golf cart, quite a character.

You got to call him before ordering, he will give you a number and address to provide to the seller.

There’s the Kinek network with the Border Mail Depot just a few meters past the Lacolle border crossing (Find a KinekPoint Result – Kinek). Only good things to say about those guys, but I do like the idea of not having to enter the US, so I’ll check out (which is Freeport, I think).