uKeg CO2


Not sure if there is a questions section, as I do not see one…

I am late to the game here as I thought I posted a questions on the old mailing list…

I recently purchased a uKeg 128… A few questions then…

  1. Anyone know where to get FOOD GRADE 16g CO2 cartridges in Montreal? Everywhere I look, they only carry 8g, and for that I need a smaller sleeve.
  2. Anyone been able to ‘hack it’? What I mean is…I was looking to purchase the ball lock cap (, but it is like $50+, plus shipping…anyone know of something similar but cheaper alternative?
  3. Finally, I brew lots of NEIPAs and the hop remnants in there is a pain in the ass for this type of set up, because it disturbs the bottom sediment every time you try to pour…besides transferring the beer 2-4 times, any tips?

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!


I think Sylvain already replied in the email that they stock the 16g at Mout.
In the past, I’ve found bike shops will carry the cartridges. There’s no guarantee they’re food-safe, but they’re usually cheap and I feel like there’s a bike shop around every third corner in the city.

As for hacking it… Something like this might make it cheaper to get something working (local shops and sponsors should have similar things available as well). You’d have to put in your own elbow grease, but it certainly seems possible.

As for the NEIPA’s and sediment… I think your best option would be to make sure you put relatively sediment-free beer into the container in the first place (e.g. use hop bags in the fermenter, cold crashing, etc.) If you’ve already got the hops in there, the mechanical things I’ve seen to avoid picking them up are something like a floating dip tube or a filter around the dip tube. My guess is the limited space inside the uKeg might make it hard to get either in, but if they’re easy to disassemble, it would be something to look at.

Thank you, and yes Sylvain did answer, I just was not sure if the mailing list was still working, so I put the question here for more people to see in case there were other answers.