UK Cider

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The guy who had the UK cider for sale on Facebook last year has reached out to me and said he has some more available this year. He has about about 25 of the 20L boxes available. “They are $3.50/L, and there are three blends available. There’s dabinett/chisel jersey, tremletts bitter/harry masters jersey, and yarlington single varietal”.

He also told me he has someone interested in picking up whatever we don’t take, so I told him I’d post to our group and get him a hard number by Thursday night. If you’re interested, let me know!

Bonjour à tous,

Le gars qui avait le cidre britannique à vendre sur Facebook l’année dernière m’a contacté et m’a dit qu’il en avait d’autres disponibles cette année. Il a environ 25 des boîtes de 20L disponibles. “Elles sont à 3,50 $/L, et il y a trois mélanges disponibles. Il y a dabinett/chisel jersey, tremletts bitter/harry masters jersey, et yarlington single varietal”.

Il m’a également dit qu’il a quelqu’un qui est intéressé à ramasser tout ce que nous ne prenons pas, alors je lui ai dit que je posterais à notre groupe et que je lui donnerais un chiffre précis d’ici jeudi soir. Si vous êtes intéressé, faites-le moi savoir !

These are boxes, not cases, so it’s box wine style? Its sold only in box increments or can they be sold per liter like a growler?

Yeah, they’re bags in boxes like a wine. They’re not concentrated, though. And yeah, not as easy to split off by the liter unless you split with someone.

@Albert I’m curious to try 1/2 or 1/4 of a box. If you want to share a box, I’m down. But a full box will be too much for a noob to cider fermentation like me.

FWIW, making cider is super easy, particularly if you can control your fermentation temperature. Fill your carboy, dump in your yeast, add nutrients if you feel like it (I haven’t noticed a difference), and wait. I leave it in the carboy in my basement until the spring, transfer it to kegs to start drinking or for longer term storage. When I start a keg, after it’s cold, I add about a L of fresh apple juice to balance the tartness and dryness of the fermented juice (it usually finishes around 1.000 or lower, depending on the yeast). Everybody loves it.

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I picked up 20L of this juice last year, but only got around to fermenting it in the fall. As a result, I haven’t tried the Dabinett apple juice in order to compare it to the more convention apple juices i usually use. I’ll have more feedback in a couple of months, once it’s done maturing. I do find apple cider is best after 3-6 months of conditioning.

I did not get that this was juice. It sounded like UK cider (fermented). Is the juice uk or is it just the varietals?

I’d be down to split a box @Norm if you don’t mind waiting to open it for a month or two so I can empty some carboys.

@Albert I just emailed you.

Reminder, tonight is the deadline