Tri clamp (tri clover) question

Hello all. I was wondering if you thought that a flat gasket would do to attach two pieces of equipment with a tri clover which technically requires a half gasket, so one that is flat only on one side, with a ridge on the other. It seems to me that the seal will be as good, since I am just covering the groove with the gasket. I ask because for some reason it is hard to find these half gaskets or then a store has them for 2$ but charges 16$ for shipping, which makes me feel like avoiding buying one. Alternatively, if you have a suggestion where I can find a half gasket, I am open to that idea, but again all the stores (online or physical) I have contacted do not have a 2’’ one or require insane shipping fees. Thanks!

Is this it? I went through the process right up until they wanted my credit card and shipping seemed to be free

That is exactly it. Very surprising that shipping is free, especially from the US. Thanks a lot for finding this. I will check it out right away.

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If it’s still complicated to get, I would buy a regular gasket and use an exacto blade to shave off the ridge on one side. Take your time to get it reasonably smooth. Once it’s squished in the triclamp, it should do the trick.

Thanks for the idea. I actually already have a regular one, so I could definitely try that. Good thinking.