Thawing grain stored in freezer

Hi all,

I have a bunch of little bags of specialty grains that I’ve had in my freezer for ages now and am wondering if I could thaw them and put them with my other room-temp grains so that everything is in one place when I finally get around to sorting through my homebrew stuff and give it away or sell it. I’m thinking that there will be condensation and the grains will get wet and moldy?

Hope everyone’s doing well, been awesome to observe the participation in competitions from the sidelines.


Hey, I don’t think it should be an issue if you thaw them, maybe set them to dry out for an hour or so before mixing it with other grains? If you have a food dehydrator, maybe an hour or so at low temp would also dry them out as well…just my two cent

Hi and thanks! I don’t plan to actually mix them with other grains, just to move the bags into the same storage bin as the other bags.

If that grain was fresh when frozen…shouldn’t be any issue with mold contamination or anything when you thaw it

Microbiologically speaking lol

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I took them all out and nothing weird happened. I guess I was thinking like when you take a container of liquid out of the fridge or freezer you get water beading on the side of it, figured this would happen with the grain too but it didn’t seem to.