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We are trying to organize a single-style beer competition for the end of the March. What style or beer type would like you like to compete and compare with?

Nous essayons d’organiser un concours de bière unique pour la fin du mois de mars. Avec quel style ou type de bière aimeriez-vous participer et comparer ?

What beer style for a single-style competition? / Quel style de bière pour une compétition à un seul style ?
  • Pale Ale
  • Brown
  • Saison
  • Beer to pair with Poutine / Une bière pour accompagner la Poutine
  • Pilsner
  • Other / Autres

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British or American brown or Either?

Brewer’s choice.

The thought is for the style category (at least for this round) to be narrow enough for beers to be comparable, but broad enough that there’s room for variability and personal interpretation.


Sounds like fun. Looking forward to it!

When will the voting close so we know which type to make? Great idea btw!

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Dernière chance pour voter, date limite dimanche 31 janvier!

Last call to enter your vote, deadline sunday Jan 31st !

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Le vote est maintenant fermé, ce sera une Saison! Détails à venir.

The vote is now closed, Saison it will be. Stay tuned for more details.

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I’m not looking for any secrets on the upcoming style competition but wanted to your opinion on bottle conditioning vs force carbonating a saison.

Until recently I have always bottle conditioned all my beers so I never asked myself the question, but the general consensus on the net is that saisons do better when conditioned.

To me, the main advantage of bottle conditioning is that you can control the carbonation more easily than reworking all the adjustments to a kegerator. I like my saisons with a high carb level, but I don’t have individual pressure regulators on each line of my 4-tap kegerator. To get them to have higher carb and pour well I need to accept that I’ll have to either have all my other beers with a high carb (eventually) or do a lot of working with turning pressures on and off and maybe lengthening the beer lines.

The secondary benefit of bottle conditioning (that I think you already hinted at) is that the beer may last longer in the bottle if bottle conditioned originally because that priming fermentation will eat up any oxygen that may have gotten in when bottling. No matter how good I am at bottling off my kegerator, there’s going to be an introduction of oxygen into finished beer.

Now, what do I do? I keg them because it’s easier for me and I tend to be impatient when I think a beer is done. I’ll deal with the carbonation issues. I also know this not the custom of saisons (or a majority of QC beer, or the current trend of hazies…), but I love the look of a crystal clear beer when hoppiness-level allows. If I can pour a whole bottle of beer into a glass and not worry about stirring up some yeast or trub, I want that.

Last - The Brulosophy Podcast just had a show on just this topic… worth a listen Episode 176 Methods For Carbonating Saison


Its still a bit early but have the requirements for bottle format and quantity been decided?

We have all the details here : Saison MiniAler - Club affairs / Affaires du club - MontreAlers Forum

For some reason, I cannot access that page. It says its Private

Works for me.

weird tried with both browsers and both email addresses. As far as I remember my membership is still active for a few months too if its Members Only.

Hey @Riccardo, try it again. I’m not sure what happened that you didn’t have access, but I just manually added you to the “Members” group here (Discourse), so it should work now.

its working now. Thanks Sam!

On a related note, I believe I remember registering for this, but I’m getting paranoid. I haven’t seen any confirmation or anything. Is there a list anywhere of all the registered participants?

Good question! Here is the list of competitors we have from the sign-up:

  • Yacine Boujija
  • Bruno Trudel
  • Eric Pare
  • James Kirk
  • Mike Brown
  • Vincent Lalancette-Chayer
  • Terry Fey
  • Ian Charette-Brousseau
  • Justin Girard
  • Riccardo Santopietro
  • Mathieu St-Jean
  • Kurt Houghton
  • Patrick Lalonde
  • Natasha Baijot
  • Normand Cyr
  • David Vandenberg
  • Nathan Shapter
  • Frank Schneidawind
  • Jerome Pelletier
  • Sam Leitkam
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I’m planning to brew my Saison this sunday, just as soon as I sort out my recipe. I meant to brew earlier, but life got the better of me.

Sam, do you have a wait list, just in case things go awry?


I don’t have one running yet, but if anyone is interested in being on a waitlist, post in this thread and we’ll keep you updated if anyone drops out.