SS Brewtech Chronical - worth it?

Hey guys,

BrewHQ has the 7gal SS Brewtech Chronical Brewmasters Edition for free shipping and $110 off.

Been eyeing these for a while. I’m unlikely to need more than 7gal. I already have an SS Brew Bucket I’m very happy with that this would essentially replace (and I have an ftss cooling thing).

Anyone have any experience with these? Obviously the reviews are glowing but I trust you guys more! Is this sale a good price? I can wait for a Black Friday type sale if it isn’t.

Hi !

I have the half-Barrel SS Brewtech Chronical Brewmasters Edition and i’m pretty happy with it.
Got it to increase fermenting capacity volume out of my fermentor chamber. I found that it got the best value for the money (vs. blichmann and spike). SS Chronical V2 is now out, that is probably why there is some good discount on V1.

Good quality product, stainless got some esthetic imperfection but it doesn’t affect functionality, easy to clean. Allow do dump/harvest yeast easily and able to close transfer (1PSI rated can hold about 3-4PSI). Temperature control is precise.

I am wondering, what would be the benefit for you vs. a Brew Bucket ? I do think that at higher volume it’s a nice option, but for 7GAL and lower, brewbucket or Anvil bucket do the job just fine imo.

I’d be lying if “cool factor” didn’t play into my temptation to upgrade to one :). Not many benefits over the Brew Bucket to be honest - most significant would be pressure transfering (which I don’t feel comfortable doing in the Brew Bucket - their FAQ even says not to) and yeast dumping… both things that I can easily live without.

If I were to get one, I’d use the brew bucket for long ferments that need to be temp controlled. Today I close-transfer to a keg and lose the temp control.

I didn’t see that there was a v2. That does explain things!

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It need a bit more cleaning effort vs a brewbucket (valves, tri-clamp, etc), but it’s definitively cool !

V2 are quite nice, look to me like a response to spike and blichmann which has more fancy stuff.
V1 get the job done, with a good rebate I would recommended it.

Pro-tips and shameless referal, this should give you 10% off (might not work on ss brewtech but worth a try)
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Worth a shot though, thank you!

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I have a 14gal chronical BME. It’s a great piece of equipment and a nice upgrade from my previous fermenter (14gal fast ferment) which isn’t as good as your brewbucket. You won’t see a huge increase in functionality or ease of brewing, but it’s still a reasonably solid investment. If you change your mind you’ll be able to get most of that money back by selling it.


Très bon deal. quasi 1/3 du prix