Spare ingredients to trade/sell/ give away

Spare specialty grain and other brewing ingredients to trade/sell/give away. I have way more than needed and would like to make some room.

New to the club and looking to connect with brewers in the Montreal area.

Whirlfloc, Roasted barley, Crystal malts, Rice hulls, random hops, base malts occasionally, etc.

Always receiving new things in bulk and don’t have the space to keep it all.

I’m interested. Where are you located?

Im in ville saint Laurent and available weekends. Looking for anything in particular?

Crystal, roasted, base, and hops

Sound like the recipe for a porter. :blush:

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Or maybe a stout :))

Sounds good! What’s the easiest way to connect with you?

you can call or text me @ 438-499-1496