Spare equipment for sale

Hey all,

Cleaning up my brew space and noticed that I’ve accumulated a bunch of stuff that I don’t need. Maybe one of you would benefit from some of these items?

Prices are indicated on the photos, but no reasonable offer will be refused. I’m open to trade for homebrews. Hit me with your questions. Descriptions below.

Bonjour à tous,

Je fais le ménage dans mon espace de brassage et j’ai remarqué que j’ai accumulé un tas de trucs dont je n’ai pas besoin. Peut-être que l’un d’entre vous pourrait bénéficier de certains de ces articles ?

Les prix sont indiqués sur les photos, mais aucune offre raisonnable ne sera refusée. Je suis prêt à échanger contre des homebrews. N’hésite pas si vous avez des questions. Voici les descriptions approximatives :

2x 14gal Fastferment. Both are complete and there are some extra parts.
Stainless Steel HERMS Coil - 50’ X 1/2" and 2x weldless compression bulkheads - brand new.
.5" easy siphon - brand new
11" false bottom - brand new
Stainless steel flush Mount drip tray with drain - 9" X 6"
10gal stainless steel pot with thermometer
.5" NPT pipe tees
Short & long weldless thermowells, three way 0.5" valve, 6" dip tube, 6" bazooka screen
Stainless steel mesh trub screen
Hand cappers, a wine corker and a bottle sanitizer
50L sanke keg with holes for element, temperature probe, etc.
50L sanke keg with rubber base. Used as a primary fermenter

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Lots of deals and great stuff! Wish I had the patience to do the same with my extra gear. :slight_smile:

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Tempted by the Sanke kegs and the false bottom. I’ll message you for more information.

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serais-tu intéressé à échanger quelques uns des items que tu veux vendre contre des bouteilles de vin maison? Je fabrique du vin de pomme (cidre 12-14%), des vins de campagnes (plusieurs types de fruits différents) et de l’hydromel.

Je serais intéressé à tes fermenteurs coniques et ton sulfiteur. Le reste de ton équipement semble très spécifique à la bière et je n’en fabrique pas.

Si tu veux m’appeler pour en discuter, mon nom est Daniel et tu peux me joindre au (438) 380-7548. Je suis dans le secteur Angus à Montréal.

Hope you don’t mind that i’m using your post !
Picture in next post

à donner :

  • Stir plate with busted motor, come with 2 spares motor. motor wired to be solder.
  • Mix-stir, to aerate wort. Plug to your drill. Not in perfect shape but work ok
  • Sanitizer in powder
  • Some kind of a sparge device from mout int, never use it because wont fit with Robobrew

À vendre, prix débarrat

  • Monster mill MM3. 60$. It always stuck… 3 differents brewer try to make it work with no success. It worth 350$+
  • PH Meter hanna phep5, need a new probe, 20$.
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As-tu une photo de ton truc pour le rinçage? Je serais peut-être intéressé.

Interesting. I have a Monster MM3, and I agree it has stuck occasionally but otherwise it has worked great for me. The one time it did stick, it was a piece of metal that was in the grain that got jammed between two rollers. The other times it stuck, it was just a matter of running the mill the opposite direction for a turn or two and then it ran again no problem.

Anyone looking for a mill, you won’t find a better deal that this for $60!


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I guess I had a much earlier model of the MM3. It doesn’t look like that one at all! :slight_smile:

Je vais te le prendre le gu-gus pour le sparge!

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