Small bottles

Figure I’ll make a new thread for this so I don’t pollute the xmas swap one. I’m looking for small bottles which can be conditioned in. A couple of things popped up on the net:

  1. 187ml clear glass champagne bottles (e.g. 187 ml Clear Champagne Wine Bottles, 24 Per Case). The shipping is gonna be murder. Amazon has them too but it’s over $2 a piece, which probably works out to the same thing.

  2. 300ml plastic cola bottles (e.g. From what I understand this type of container is common in Norway - although not very sexy it would do the job, unless we use different plastic or caps here?

Are 330-355ml too big for your batch sizes? I’d be open to getting a couple of cases of stubby bottles. Not appropriate for high carbonated styles, but good for most everything else.
Maybe Mout can hook us up?

I was looking for the same and contacted Choppe à Barrock.
They should have some 355ml in about two weeks.

Shipping is quite expensive when ordering online

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Those are still kinda big, I usually manage to get around 8.5-9.5L packaged so that would only leave me with a couple of bottles for myself. I’m leaning towards those small soda bottles - Coke’s website says they even make smaller 250ml ones so I’ve contacted them to see how I can get my hands on some.

If you can’t find smaller bottles, you could always blend beers and call it an assemblage. Give you an opportunity to create something you couldn’t quite get otherwise.
Suggestions - biere de coupage, farmhouse with sour; aged biere with similar fresh beer with hop character. Blend 1:1 or experiment with a balance.

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For anyone who was interested in this concept: 100ml swing top bottles for sale!?

Are you sure these will hold pressure?

No! Someone asked in the FB comments but didn’t get a reply from the seller.

They look pretty thick to me. I can’t imagine they couldn’t hold pressure. In any case, the cap would release any extra pressure before the bottle breaking. When I first started brewing, I used swing top bottles exclusively and never had flat beer or an exploded bottle.


How much pressure could 100ml of beer produce?

Depends on how much sugar there is to ferment!


Each gravity point yields 1 g/l or 0.51 volumes CO2

So if you have a wort at 1.048 SG which ferments down to 1.010, you’ll end up with ~19 volumes of CO2, or 38g/l of CO2 (3.8 g in 100 ml).

Then 3.8 g of CO2 corresponds to 0.086 mol of CO2. Using the ideal gas law:

PV = nRT
P = nRT/V  

n = 0.086 mol
R = 8314 (l Pa)/(K mol)
T = 293 K (20 °C)
V = 0.1 l

P = (0.086 mol x 8314 (l Pa)/(K mol) * 293 K) / 0.1 l
P = 2.1 x 10^6 Pa, or 2.1 MPa

So 0.1 ml of wort at 1.048 will generate 2.1 MPa of pressure once the fermentation will be finished (or ~300 psi).

I remember someone on FB trying sell small swingtop bottles that come from the dollar store. I used them for hot sauce and they can hold a little pressure but I wouldn’t trust the swingtop to hold enough pressure for a beer

I’ve used small glass CocaCola bottles before, 237 ml. They are still sold (Walmart has them) but I imagine they are not as popular so hard to find in the return bin. If you know a regular drinker they will probably cost less than 1$ a piece.


I used the ginger ale version of those 237ml bottles for my advent beer. Nice crown cap on em.

Saw this passing on bazar du brasseur. If somebody is still looking for small bottles the guy have 187ml bottles

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