Selling of all my brewing gear

HI everyone -

It has been some time since I have been on the list as I stopped brewing some years back and the time has come to sell off all my gear. I have a number of decent pieces and wanted to offer them up here in case there is anyone looking to upgrade or is just starting out.

I am not totally up on current used market prices for everything so open to reasonable offers if I miss the mark on anything by a long shot!

If interested please contact me off list - everything is for pickup only! (I am in Lasalle)

5 tap cobra style draft tower with cabinet and 12 feet of insulated draft lines with integrated cooling - $500 (included are 4 high grade flow control taps and a guinness style nitro tap)

keezer with insulated collar and temp controller - $300

Three CO2 tanks - $75 each
Nitrogen tank with commercial regulator $120
Commercial CO2 regulator - $75
Two March pumps with Brass heads - $75 each
copper convoluted counter flow chiller - $175
Stainless steel hop spider - large - $75
30 amp GFCI extension cable - $75 (20’ long)
14.5 gallon stout tanks conical with lid for closed pressurized transfer and sample valve - $400
commercial coke fermentation fridge with controller- $250 (fits the conical like a dream!)
10 gallon keg boiler with passive thermosyphon (prevents boil-overs) - $100 (element included
10 gallon keg mash tun - $65
10 gallon HLT - $75 (element included)
beer engine for traditional ale - $200

happy to connect to discuss items if you wish!

best wishes to all…


Hi everyone - there were a few inquiries about the conical and my original buyer decided it wasn’t the right time… So it is still available. Full disclosure part of my motivation for selling all this stuff at a loss is I need the space so I am packaging the conical with the fridge for $650 including the controller. This is less than half of what I paid for it all and I think it still represents a good deal. Let me know if anyone is still interested!

Is the beer engine still for sale?

Sean Coates had expressed interest but didn’t respond when I followed up so likely yes. Let me double check and get back to you…

So Sean is still taking it in the end… sorry man! Can you believe I had two at one point? No longer unfortunately…

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