Selling Mill/Chiller/Keggle/Pump/Various - (Sold/Vendu)

Hey all,

I haven’t been brewing in ~8 years (what a shame) and my stuff has been collecting dust in the garage. Main objective here is to clear up the place so I think the prices I’ve put below are good bargains. Posting it here first for old time sake before putting this elsewhere. Negotiable if you take a few items (or even better, all of them).

I noticed you are in the process of moving away from the mailing list. Should I also post on it or I would just spam people?

  • Barley Crusher: 60$ (value of 150$)
  • Counterflow Chiller: 30$ (bought it for 80$)
  • Keggle 30L: 50$ (no idea what it’s really worth)
  • Dual Head March Pump: 50$ (Never used. It’s based on 802 Dual-Head model but not exactly it. Paid 120$)
  • 220-110 Transformer: 20$ (Paid 45$, useful with the March Pump. Never used)
  • Bottle Tree, Capper and 80 clean no-label twist cap bottles: Free, although I could take a couple of your best homebrew for this.

Pictures here:

If you are interested, you can reach me at I’m located in Rosemont.


C’est dommage, toujours triste de voir des adeptes passer à autre chose mais c’est la vie.

Merci d’utiliser le forum des Montrealers.

On est en processus de transférer les discussions sur ce forum au lieu de la liste de distribution mais ce n’est pas interdit de l’utiliser. Si possible attendre de voir si tu as des réponses sur ce forum?

Merci et bonne chance.

Merci Xavier.

Vu que certains me contactent encore pour mon annonce (et que je ne peux pas l’éditer), j’ajoute un reply pour dire que tous les éléments ont été vendus.