Saskatoon Head Hunters 2023

The Saskatoon competition is open now!


I received a reminder last night that they are approaching the entry limit of 250. They are currently at 180. If anyone has not registered and would like to complete, it would be best to do it quickly.

Are we doing a grouped shipping for this too?

Yes, I’ll be sending out boxes for the club. Entries are due in Saskatoon by the 8th… The weekend before is Labor Day, so let’s say the entries are due to me by Wednesday, August 30th, and I will make sure they get there. For this one (and going forward), we are implementing the pay-in we talked about at the AGM. It will be $5 per member who ships to offset the shipping cost for the club. @Treasurer will set up a link to pay online, or you can pay when you drop off.

Results are in. Dissapointing for the club with only 1 medal. But congrats @Albert for nabbing a Silver.


One did well for me, the two others not so much

Curious to see the score sheets!

Congrats, Albert! :slight_smile:

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