Recette - Banana Bread Beer (Iron Brewer)

Pour 21 Litres

Mash @ 69c - pH 5.55
Non-Oxygénée, utilisé 3/4 du sachet (underpitch) et Fermentée @ 17-24c (free rise) pendant 3 jours.
Ajout de Cacao Nibs pour 8 jours.
1.053 - 1.011 (78% att.)


Wow, similar to the beer I submitted. I was going for a Dunkelweisen but was esitant to use the BE-256 so I used the S04 (I wish there was a packet of T58 in the kit instead)…Crystal 120L was closest to DRC I could find on Grainfather


Hell yeah!! I got your beer in my kit and guess what, I ranked it number 1!! (unless there was multiple british brown ale)

Nice Aroma, chocolaty, nice foam, good retention, well carbonated and very clear.

Not sure if it was mine or someone else’s, but merci Eric. Unfortunately I didn’t have a Dunkelweizen in my kit so I didnt get to try yours, the recipe looks great. As for my beer, to be honest I bottled a few before I added the cocoa nibs to the secondary and I preferred that one. I really enjoyed the competition but I think the nibs puzzled me more than they should have.

#90 British brown ale ? :roll_eyes:

No idea … I was #91 but the beer we tasted are in the 1000s - The British Brown I had was #1018

The numbers were random in order to keep the judging las anonymous as possible.

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No number 1s for me so definitely not my beer. My results were what I expected, a pretty average beer that didn’t stand out, but it was a new experience, I got to brew with new ingredients like nibs and DRC and I had fun.

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