Re-re-re-introducing myself

Hello all,

Just reintroducing myself to the group as it’s been a while since I’ve posted here and even longer since I’ve brewed. Hope you are all doing well. My name is Fergus, I’m from Ireland, living here in the South Shore, and have been here in Mtl since 2010. I started brewing in 2012, but the last few years have been a bust as life and young kids meant other priorities took over. I am trying to dip my feet in the waters again, so to speak, and plan to brew a batch in the next week or two, life and kids permitting. I am sure I will have questions-a-plenty, as usual :slight_smile:


Welcome back Fergus !

What will you be brewing ?

Welcome back Fergus!
You’ll be pleased to know that the hops plants I got from you ages ago are thriving (particularly the Chinook) in my yard.

Wow, that seems like a lifetime ago. Glad to hear that they are going strong Kurt!

Hey Pat. Thanks. It’ll be something brown (porter, stout, brown or mild) and hopefully drinkable. I have a lot of ingredients left over from my last false start 2 years ago (stored in a cool/dry location and seem to be in good condition still), so gonna see what I can throw together. Maybe an interesting experiment would be to throw something at ChatGPT and see what it comes back with :slight_smile:


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I’ve done it. It actually works, although I haven’t brewed the recipe.

Thanks Norm, that’s pretty cool. I’ll give it a shot, just for laughs, to see how it compares.

Now if you can get it to communicate with a grinder hooked up to a Raspberry Pi, a Grainfather with a cooling jacket, and a Tilt you’re on your way to a self-made beer.


Those damn AIs taking our jobs and now our hobbies too