Question on adaptors for Hop missile

I have a very basic question, but here goes: I just bought a Hop missile (Kegland) and they suggest (without including them) to use 1/2 inch female bsp to male camlocks to attach it to a Robobrew (Brewzilla). That is all dandy, but I cannot find those boogers on beer stores websites. I am sure I could get away with other adaptors, but camlocks are nice anyway and I am very surprised at how hard it is to find these specific adaptors. Am I just not looking right or asking the right question for those limited-intelligence search engines on websites? Is my limited intelligence the problem? If anyone has a suggestion, I would love to read it. Thanks and cheers.

Welcome Absintheminded. You should try industrial suppliers like Tenaquip, McMaster (if you know someone with an account, Grainger, etc. They are sometimes called Cam and Groove fittings. BSP could make the search more difficult, but not impossible.

Maybe I misunderstood the problem, but the Hop Missle on OBK is 1/2" NPT. If you bought yours overseas and got a BSP standard pipe thread instead, then couldn’t you use an adapter like this to connect to a standard camlock:

The adapter is expensive, there may be other retailers that can do better, but it seems like a relatively simple solution.

Thanks Riccardo for the suggestion.

Awesome idea. That should definitely work. Thanks a lot! I think you just solved my problem. Cheers!

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