Pumpkin Beer Season

Anyone else excited about pumpkin beer? Can I get kicked off the forum for this?

Thought I start a thread and share a recipe for fellow pumpkinheads.

Harvest Ale

Batch Size 3 gallons (in fermenter)
SG 1.067 FG 1.015

6.75 lbs 2-Row
4 oz Biscuit
4. oz Cara 75
10 oz Cane Sugar
2 lbs pumpkin or summer squash (boil)
2 lbs pumpkin or summer squash (primary)
5 g orange peel zest (primary)
5 g fresh grated ginger (primary)
1-1/2 Tablespoons Fresh whole leaf Basil
67 g wet Perle hops 8AAU (convert if using dry pellets) @ 30 min
Wyeast 1214 Belgian Abbey

Pre-roast pumpkin for 30min at 375F. I sprinkle some sugar on top before roasting.
Mash grains at 152F

Add cane sugar before boil
Add 2lbs pumpkin at to boil 60 minutes
Add hops to boil at 30 minutes
Add ginger, basil and orange zest at flameout in bag

Add 2 lbs pumpkin to the fermenter and rack beer on top and add the spice bag to fermenter.
Ferment at 20-22C for 2 weeks
Transfer to secondary for an additional 2 weeks.

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Hey, it does look fun to brew!

I do sit on the :-1:t3: side of the pumpkin beer fence, but would still be curious to taste it if you get a chance to throw it in a future bottle exchange.

I’ve also read elsewhere (Reddit maybe?) that sweet potato can make a great addition to a pumpkin beer. That could add some (additional) complexity to your beer.

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