Plastic or glass bottles?

Hello everyone,
I’ve been giving this idea a thought for quite some time now and already did some research over the web about its advantages/disadvantages yet I’m still somehow reluctant to switch from glass to plastic.
Maybe is just me as I‘m getting old :wink: Perhaps, I’m less open to change but… I would love to hear from you on this matter: have you had any experiences (good or bad) using P.E.T. plastic bottles for your beer? What would you say are the pros/cons of it?
Thanks in advance!

Hi Eduardo. I mostly use glass but I’ve made a habit of filling 1 or 2 plastic bottles per batch to keep an eye on the carbonation. The downside to plastic is that it’s harder to clean. I soak overnight in oxyclean and then rinse well but I never feel like they’re getting as clean as the glass ones I scrub with a brush.

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