Pitch temp too high? K-97 Altbier (PS: Kveik pilsner?)

Hi all.
I hope the summer’s been good to you, so far.
Just finished brewing 2 beers (I’m on vacation!)–a Kona Big Wave Golden Ale clone + an Altbier–but the weather was beyond hot and I wasn’t able to bring my wort to the desired pitch temp nor was I able to bring my room temp below 21-22°C. I’m not too worried about the Big Wave clone as I used SafAle US-05 and pitched at 22°C, but I am a bit worried about my Altbier as I used SafAle K-97 and to be true to the style, I should’ve pitched at a lower temp (17-18°C). Unfortunately, I had to pitch at 24°C and although the room temp was+is at 21-22°C, it’s been fermenting at 24°C for the last 48 hours. I also had to remove the airlock and put a blow off because the krausen got a little too excited and blew out of the airlock. Last time I used K-97, I pitched at 17°C and the fermentation was smooth–no krausen puking out & no hot fermentation. Should I be worried about fusel alcohols, diacetyl, etc.? According to John Palmer, I should (http://howtobrew.com/book/section-1/fermentation/temperature-factors).
And yes, I’ve relaxed and had a home-brew… or 2! :wink:
PS. Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever tried fermenting a pilsner using Kveik yeast. Just read an article in Zymurgy about it and it looks so cool!

Not too much you can do about it now anyway. :slight_smile:

An extended lagering time for the Altbier might save it… certainly worth a try.


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Escarpment Labs makes a Kveik blend made to make lagers at warmer temps. I used it once in a schwarzbier and it turned out well. The flavours of the yeast were hidden by the grain bill

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Hi Eric. Let us know how they turn out!

Will do! Moût International is out of Kveik yeast, but once they get some, I’ll try a Kveik Pseudo-Pilsner.

J’ai essayé un clone de Boston lager avec la krispy de Escarpment labs. Ça a fait une bonne bière. Comme c’était la première fois avec cette recette et avec cette levure je ne peux pas comparer. Selon leur site cette levure pourrait bien fonctionner jusqu’à 30 degré. Acheté à la chope à barrock.

My next brew this weekend is exactly that. I’ll be using Escarpment Krispy for this (I bought the last one on Saturday at choppe a barrock, so I know he hasn’t got any in store atm). I’m looking forward to seeing if this will be a good strain for montreal summers…I’ll let you know!

Brewing a pseudo pilsner as I write this! Will be pitching a pack of Lutra Kveik later today. I’m also making a hard seltzer this weekend–not sure if I’ll be using a Voss or Krispy yet. Any suggestions?

I also pitched Krispy in a beer yesterday.
Not sure what the style is, as I simply tried to use as much as I could from my leftover grains and hops.

Don’t know what to expect either, as it’s my first time using the yeast.

Anyone knows if this one dries out well for long-term storage?

Let us know how your Krispy “Leftover” Brew turns out! :stuck_out_tongue: