Parti-gyle barleywine &?

Anyone have any luck brewing a parti-gyle? I’m thinking about brewing 20L of barleywine in early January and thought it would be a shame to not use the remaining sugars in the mash to brew a second smaller beer.
Any succesful recipes or ressources are appreciated!


Kurt I made a parti-gyle from the grain I used for my last RIS. It made a nice light bodied stout. All I did was do a second mash and sparge as I would have for the first.

It’s nice to have a little DME handy in case you don’t quite get enough from the second sparge but otherwise, depending on how large of a grain bill you have, you can easily make an ordinary bitter by sparging again.


And you’ve found the 2nd beer didn’t need a little extra grain in the mash? A little crystal malt or something?

I guess it really depends on what you’re making for the second beer.

I just finished listening to the Brülosophy podcast episode on steeping grains, and it’s made me think about playing with this technique that I haven’t used since my extract brewing days. I’d say steeping some specialty grains in your second runnings might be a good way to customize that batch… Of course, adding grain directly to the mash tun and re-mashing would be about the same thing.