OYL-033 Jovaru™ Lithuanian Farmhouse Yeast

Has anyone used this yeast? I got a packet today and I am thinking of making a beer with 75% Pilsner and 25% wheat. Maybe saaz or haullertau hops. Bitter to 20 IBU or so. Any suggestions?

Sounds like a good starting point to me - let the yeast shine and see if you like it.

Hi Terry! How did the beer turn out? I got a pouch of Jovaru and I do not have any precise plan yet. Do you mind sharing your recipe?

I may have got an infection. I opened the wrong tri clamp while trying to harvest yeast and dumped most of it into a plastic container I had underneath. It was relatively clean but not sanitized so I dumped it back into the fermenter and let it finish. I did not like this beer at all. Very funky peppery taste. I ended up dumping it. I just may not like Saisons since I am not happy with the taste of the beer I submitted to the mini-aler either. I am away at work so I don’t have my recipe with me but it was basically my first post.