Ontario Beer Kegs (OBK)

I had never ordered from OBK before. I decided to upgrade my old hoses, quick disconnects, pump, valves, etc. so I put in a big order from OBK. I couldn’t be happier with the service, price and prompt delivery. I ordered the X-Dry Chugger pump to replace an old March pump I had which had a polysulphone head and some funky fittings on it. I replaced all my old plastic Colder quick disconnect fittings for SS ones. I also put in several orders to Amazon for tubing, etc.

I may have a few things for sale (super cheap) in the next few weeks in order to unload. A couple of 3/4" ball valves, some fittings, that March pump, etc.


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Can confirm that OBK’s online selection and delivery is great.

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Got a lot of order from them for hardware.
I got two issue, and they shipped back the item right away.

cam lock to Compression fitting was missing ferrule. Shipped a new one (value 25$)

Taprite CO2 regulator was not working correctly, started at 10psi and was all over the place… I contact them 6 month after (lazy me) and they shipped a new one. (value 100$)

Good service !

I try to encourage local homebrew shop, but some hardware could be too expensive. OBK is a no brainer…