Online Beer history course by UW-Whitewater

Hello all !
Got this thru Yammer at work.
Online history course from University of Wisconsin.
Sounds fun if any of you are interested!


Online beer history course offered by UW-Whitewater!

Join us online to discuss why beer matters. We will explore beer and brewing from ancient times to today’s international brewing conglomerates. The beery miracles of medieval saints, Prohibition, and beer in Wisconsin are just a couple of the topics in this course. Join other beer fans, homebrewers, and history buffs in online discussions and optional local meet-ups with Dr. Karl Brown, UW-W History professor and former professional brewer.

Update: This used to be a free course; now appears to cost $25.

September 1, 2022

Questions? Contact Kari Borne at 262-472-1003 or

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