Non Alcoholic Yeast

Has anyone experimented with non alcoholic yeasts? If so how were the results? Were you able to find homebrew sized packs?

Not personally, but I’ve tasted one made at Microbrasserie Des Haldes at Thetford Mines (near from my place), and the result was surprinsingly good, if I remember correctly, the brewer told me that he liked this yeast, so I guess he will use it again for his next non alcoholic batch, but I don’t know if it’s available in small packs…
But I can ask him next time I’ll see him where he bought it if you want!

I am not sure it will be released to homebrewers since without alcohol, it can be dangerous and it is recommended to pasterize the beer. You better try with low alcohol beer, that more easy.

Can you explain us why it could be dangerous to use this kind of yeast at home please?
I’m really curious!
BTW @Treasurer, I’ve talk to the brewer this weekend, and he said he bought it from LeLabo but there is only big packs there, so it won’t help you, sorry…

Check Youtube for a video from Escarpment Labs on making non-alcoholic beer. They’ve been streaming some very good seminars and putting them on Youtube the day after.

One thing I remember from the seminar is that non-alcoholic beers are more apt to get infected due to the lack of alcohol, and handling the product is much more critical. Pasteurizing would be a good step but we’re not necessarily equipped for that. Anyway, I’m sticking to my usual 4.5-5.5% brews.


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They also have a few blogposts on the subject, including this one :