New to the club

Hello everybody!

I’m brand new to the group. I’ve just signed up for a membership on the Montrealers website.

Just wanted to make a post to find out a little more about what happens in this club overall. I can see from the discussion categories there are lots of posts about equipment and brewing techniques which is great!

Are there many get togethers (in person or virtual) that happen? If not, I’d love to take part in organizing future events! I’m big on the social and inclusive aspect of the craft beer world and excited to get to know all of you!

Happy brewing :slight_smile:


Also PS: I’m completely new to home brewing and wondering if you all know of any classes I could take - or if anyone wants to teach me a thing or two?


Hey Megan!

Welcome to the MontreAlers. Anik at Bootleggers in Baie D’Urfé regularly runs homebrewing courses. You can give them a call and see if they have one coming up. (They’re closed on Mondays.)

I’m sure one of the other members would be more than happy to have you come and help on a brewing session with them. You’ll find that a brew session consists mostly of cleaning and sanitizing stuff; so it’s always nice to have someone else around to help.

Meetings are regularly held (monthly), usually at someone’s house so that homebrew can be shared and evaluated, although since Covid, many of those meetings have gone virtual.

Stay tuned to this mailing list and you’ll hear about upcoming events.



Welcome to the club @PassengerMegan!!

There are many different ways to make beer at home. It depends on how much room you have and your budget for equipment. I highly suggest tagging along on a few brew days with different members to figure out what works for you. To help in that, what part of town are you located?

As for get togethers, we have been doing mostly virtual meetings due to the pandemic, but with summer vacation it has been a bit quite. Now that things are finally returning to normal, we hope to get some members to open their homes and host tasting meetings. (Stay tuned, these events are usually posted) Occasionally we also visit sponsoring microbreweries to show our support, get a tour, and just talk about beer.

We all started brewing at some point. From personal experience, the people in the club are quite helpful, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.



Welcome Megan !
Have you brew your first batch yet ? If you like reading, the book “How to brew” by Palmer is a solid start. There is also many youtube video (flora brewing, Homebrew4life, Short circuited brewers, BeerAndBbq by Larry, etc.).

Don’t hesitate if you have questions, there is a lot of knowledgeable people in our club.



Welcome Megan!

You could assist a member during his brewday (when offered)

Le brasseur has some videos about it on his YouTube/Facebook page (in french) ( Le Brasseur - YouTube). He also offer a course (remotely) : BREWING COURSE BEGINNER / INTERMEDIATE (


Welcome Megan,
As Patrick said, YouTube is a great source for beginners. Podcasts are also good once you get the basics and want to nerd out.
I plan on brewing a Vienna Lager this week. I’m a bit out of the way though in Pointe-Calumet. You’re welcome to join in, or anyone else reading this Is also welcome. I’m pretty flexible but I can’t brew Saturday.
Also Le Clan des Brasseurs in Saint Jean sur Richelieu offers courses if you are from out that way.


Hi Megan!

I had a very interesting home brewing class 6 years ago at MaBrasserie in Montreal, it was their first session BTW, apparently they are still doing it but it’s a bit more expensive now:



I’m located in Saint Hubert (Longueuil area) but I have a car :slight_smile:

I’m excited to be part of the club! Thanks for your reply

Yes I’ve brewed an IPA so far - it turned out ok, about as good as a first batch can go :slight_smile:
Looking to make a stout next!

I do have the Palmer book, looking forward to learning more as I go

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Use the tag “Recipe” and you will find a stout or 2 :slight_smile:

Latest recipe topics - MontreAlers Forum

I recommend the book Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer. Loads of quality recipes with reasonably detailed instructions. Can be very helpful when you’re learning to brew different styles.

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