New faucets

Hi all

So I am one of the lucky people with 6 Perlick 525 taps that are now not sealing properly and looks like there is not much to do about it (Perlick will not help as the model is discontinued). So it looks like I may have to soon invest in 6 new taps.

So since I have not bought beer taps for 10 years, what is the best product out there these days? I want a quality tap, stainless for sure but I do not need anything fancy. What is the best bang for the buck?


I have Perlick 680SS and really like them. Going to forward sealing faucets was a game changer for me but I haven’t tried other manufacturers.

I could understand that you would want to look elsewhere in terms of manufacturer as you don’t seem to have much support anymore from Perlick… I have heard good words from the Nukatap faucets as well. They appear to be a little cheaper and more modular with the possibility to swap various accessories.

I use Nukatap faucets and have no complaints

Same here, all my faucets are Nukatap and I really like them.

I have 630SS, what’s the difference with 680SS?
They work great and are easy to clean.

They have the push-back creamer function.

I have 4 Nukatap faucets with flow control. Only positive things to say!