New Brewery Opening Near Jean Talon Metro

Mellön Brasserie is opening this Saturday (May 1st) with cans to-go.

I know I may be biased because it’s so close to where I live, but I am always pumped to see more local places popping up and brewing great beer.

I know they have done some small distribution to bottle shops already. Has anyone tried it yet?

It’s always great news when new brewpubs or craft breweries open.

Does anyone know what the deal with the umlaut (ö) is? Is it just a gimmick?

I believe the Head Brewer/co-owner used to work at Avant-Garde

Indeed, and at St. Houblon back when Chris was there.

Apparently it is Lord of the Rings Elvish for friend. See here Speak Friend and Enter: A Sneak Peek of Mellön Brasserie – Beerism

I went there yesterday, very nice people and place!
Their imperial stout is very good :slight_smile:

I passed by on Saturday afternoon. The line-up was really long (I guestimate over 100 people). I did not have the patience to wait but was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it got that much traction.

I’ll take your word and will try to get some of their cans soon (if there is any left).