Nanohoublons Exp 06300 Hop online discussion | Discussion en ligne sur l'houblon 06300

On Friday, Dec 4th, at 8pm, we will have an online discussion about the Exp 06300 hop and share your brewing results with them. Check your email for the Google meets link. If you haven’t picked up your hops yet from Nanohoublons, you can still get it for free with any order from nanohoublons. Please go back and look at the email about it for instruction on how to redeem this offer. Feel free to leave your comments about the hop on the forum topic about it.

Vendredi, le 4 décembre, à 20h, nous aurons une discussion en ligne sur l’houblon exp 06300 et vos résultats avec. Le lien pour la rencontre va être envoyé par courriel. Il est encore possible de recevoir les houblon exp 06300 gratuitement chez Nanohoublons. Allez lire le courriel sur l’offre de Nanohoublons pour en savoir plus. N’hésitez pas de laisser vos expérience avec l’houblon dans le sujet dessus.

Anybody else brewed with exp 06300?

I brewed a black pale ale with the free sample and Midnight Wheat.

Will you join the online discussion dec 4th?

I brewed a 10gal split batch of a New England-ish Pale Ale on Tuesday, fermenting with some Voss Kveik right now (bubbles area already slowing in the airlock). I say -ish because I tend to bump up abv on my split batches from the Grainfather by adding some sugar, which dries out the beer… right to the level I like it. It smells great, and I can’t wait to taste it.

As for the 06300 hops, just sticking my nose in the bag I got “hoppy” and fruity but also the impression of caramel… maybe even something that pulls out a vanilla aspect? I could get cocoa if someone told me it was there (like the description), but I wouldn’t have gone for that immediately. I’m excited about how this might add some sweetness elements to the rest of my hopping, so I get one beer that is fruity/hoppy and one that is fruity/hoppy + sweetness and dessert elements.

See the xml or the pdf below if you’re interested in the recipe

Brewfather_BeerXML_Exp06300TestSplit_20201120 (1).xml (14.8 KB) Brewfather_Exp06300TestSplit_20201120.pdf (61.5 KB)

And here is my exp 06300 APA recipe. Also made a split batch to compare exp 06300 to the usual sure shot hops.

You really have to wait for the beer to warm up a little the aroma come out.

Unknown.pdf (125.4 KB)

I’ll do my best! It’s a busy time :wink:

5 ml d’acide lactique pour ton mash (si je divise en 2) ? J’en utilise 1.5ml pour 32 litre d’eau et j’ai 5.2 pH pour mon mash… Nous sommes pourtant sur la meme usine d’eau…

Ah, curieux. Même pour des bières avec seulement des grains pâles?

1.5 ml pour la pale ale et 1.3 pour la munich dunkel. Je calibre assez regulierement mon pHmetre