My name is Marc and I have a gas problem

So, here is my silly problem. I am trying to add a manifold in my kegerator for the gas lines, but my gas lines (Evabarrier) are all 5mm ID, 8mm OD (3/16’’ ID, 5/16’’ OD), whereas my manifold is 8mm barb (it is the only one I could get my hands on). So I cannot put my current gas lines directly on the manifold (they don’t stretch nicely enough), only different tubes with 8mm (5/16’’) ID. I have such tubes (with 7/16’’ OD) and they fit nicely on the manifold barb, but now I have to connect tubes to each other. I first tried to find a Duotight (that is the connector I use most) that would be a reducer that goes from 7/16’’ to 5/16’’ (Duotight fittings are named after OD), but that doesn’t exist. I actually am able to fit one tube inside of the other (the ID of one is exactly the OD of the other), but even with a clamp I don’t trust that it will be leak-proof. Or could it be ok? Now, I am sure that I am not the first person who tries to connect a manifold to a kegerator with gas lines that don’t fit immediately, but I am wondering what you guys have tried that works. Am I missing a really obvious solution here? Would appreciate any suggestion. Thanks a lot and cheers.

All I can say is that I’ve managed to heat tubes with boiling water and stretched them to fit over barbs in the past without any issue.

Thanks for the suggestion. I had actually tried that, but I found the Evabarrier tubes to be harder to expand with hot water than others. It seems to be too much of a stretch in this case.

Can’t you simply build a manifold using Duotight Tees and some inline regulators or valves?

Thanks for the suggestion. It is definitely a great plan B. I just thought that, since I had a manifold that I could use, it would be a more “elegant” solution to connect it to the rest of my (Duotight) set-up, but I might just end up having to give away the manifold and go the route you are suggesting. I always prefer to use what I have instead of buying new fittings, but yeah, that might be the simplest solution.

I hear you.

However I don’t think those Evabarrier tubes are meant to be stretched. It’s a different plastic than the typical flexible vinyl tubing.

Yeah, exactly.

Hi @Absintheminded Marc, I don’t know if you are still looking but I have some spare parts that are no longer useful to me that might do the job for you.

I have a 3 way manifold (1 in, 3 out valves) that is quite small (closer to 5/16").

Let me know if you want it (in exchange of a homebrew bottle or 2), it’s gathering dust here.

Cheers Processing: image.jpg…

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Hi Johnny. I am still interested, but the manifold that I already have is precisely for 5/16’’ (ID) and my gas line (5 mm or 3/16’’) doesn’t fit on it. If you can measure the outside diameter of the barb (next to the opening) on yours and it is more than 5 mm, unfortunately it is the same size as mine and I can’t use it. If it is 5 mm though, I am definitely interested in trading an IPA loosely inspired by Heady Topper (that’s what I have on tap right now) for your manifold. Thanks for reaching out either way and cheers.

Hi Marc, here is a picture of what I have.

From what I can tell, it’s slightly bigger than 6mm.

I have another one that is 3/8" if anyone else is interested.


Pier-André, aka Johnny.

Hello again Johnny/Pierre-André. Thank you so much for sending the picture. Very clear. Unfortunately, that is the same diameter as mine and so it won’t solve my problem. I really appreciate you reaching out, though! Cheers!