Moving sale

Hey! A brewer friend of mine is moving and is purging a bunch of his equipment. If any of the following is of interest to you, you can contact Ryan at Only a couple of items are priced, for the rest he would welcome a beer trade.

A three stage RO system with brand new filters ($50 - SOLD),
a copper immersion chiller for a 12L system ($35),
small and regular autosiphons,
10 plate wort chiller,
pH meter,
two manifolds (SOLD)
an inexpensive regulator,
spare brew bucket lid,
a hop spider,
small kegerator. Still works, also includes a small plug in heater (if someone wanted to use as a fermentation chamber). Fits up to two kegs, one full size and one half size or one keg and a 3-5lb CO2 tank.
Dimensions: 46cm x 60cm x 84cm / 18”/ 23.75” / 33”