Malterie de la Rivière?

Has anyone tried the malt from Malterie de la Rivière, or have another suggestion for local-ish organic malt? It seems like they’ll even ship it through the website, but I haven’t confirmed if they’ll do a small order of a couple of bags or if it’s meant for breweries only.

Would be worth a call to check.
I am sure we could arrange a group buy if the min. weight for an order is not crazy


They’ll ship to homebrewers. They also said that Mout is waiting to see if there’s demand for their malt before carrying it so if you shop there and are interested: mention it to them!

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If you place an order, let us know how you like their malts. I have a solid inventory right now, but I’d be willing to go in on an order to split the shipping costs in the fall.

I’m a little uncertain what they mean by Munich (Maris Otter). Which one is it, and can they be that similar?
I wish they gave the malt profiles on the website to better understand the flavour profiles.


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It would be a Munich Malt made from Marris Otter, no?

Then the question becomes: are there organic barley growers that sow the Marris Otter variety in Québec ? I doubt it. I’ve mostly seen Synergy and Connect.

I believe there are in fact some Quebec growers that do grow Marris Otter barley here. I think Ryan Allen in Rawdon has in the past. Not sure what he’s growing now though. Might be Golden Promise.


I asked and he says they grow the barley themselves. They also had an automated malting machine built for them using local talent, it’s interesting project. From the website: “En résumé, nous avons un système créé sur mesure pour nous, par des québécois, complètement automatisé, qui est connecté, qui utilise une fraction d’eau, qui récupère la chaleur et qui n’existe nulle part ailleurs”.

Not sure why but they’ve stopped responding to my messages so I’m back on the lookout for local-ish organic malt - any suggestions? I think Bruno mentioned something at the last meeting (but I didn’t catch the name of the maltster)?

I got a response, I think it’s s small operation and a few people are handling everything so it makes sense to have a bit of a delay in communications. He plans to do a delivery to Montreal near the beginning of September so if you’re in the area and interested in buying some of their malt, send him a message via Facebook Redirecting... and tell him I sent you, maybe we’ll get a club discount.