Malt prices over the years

Just planning to pick up an order from Moût tomorrow and while I was looking through some old files on my computer I found a MontreAlers’ group order that I had placed back in 2004 from Canada Malting. A bag of 2-row from Canada Malt in 2004 cost me $18.70.
At Moût tomorrow it’s going to cost me $56.20, before my MontreAlers’ discount which will bring it down to $50.58. Even if you take into account inflation, that increase in price is pretty extraordinary!

Just over the last two years malt prices have increased significantly. Bad harvested coupled with significantly higher shipping prices have just pushed it up.

The Mout discount was reduced pretty drastically during COVID. I’m not complaining, I’m happy to have access to their inventory and expertise. It’s appreciated.

I agree. I’ve been annoyed since the price hit 40.

Hey Denis,
I found emails from 2007, in which you picked up a grain group order, and delivered it to a meeting, for less than $20… and in 2010 for $20 (when you came to my place) .
prices went up for sure!