Looking for a stir plate for yeast starters

Hey, anyone happen to have a stir plate they aren’t using and would like to see it find a new home? I want to upgrade my yeast practices and this seems like a logical element. The periodic shake method has its limits.


Allo! Quelqu’un aurait-il par hasard une plaque de brassage qui traine et souhaiterait qu’elle trouve un nouveau salle de brassage? Je veux améliorer mes pratiques de gestion de levure et cela semble être un élément logique. La méthode de l’agitation périodique a ses limites.

Merci !

Your soldering skills seem pretty good considering your success with the iSpindels. If you feel adventurous, I have all the parts to build one (except a case).

Thanks for the offer Norm! This sounds great. You’ll let me know what I owe you for the parts. We’ll arrange the exchange next time we see each other. Worst case scenario at the next barrel event.

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Here is the complete BOM. I’ve included two rare Earth magnets and a stir bar in case you don’t have them. You’ll only need to find a project box.

I followed the instructions here: Stir Plate for $22 ~ cheap easy best DIY Stirplate Yeast Starter Beer Homebrewing - YouTube

I’ll assemble a kit for you and give it to you next time we meet.