Limonadier hops

Hi all,
Any experience with this hops?
I just kegged a single hop pale ale type thing, and am still trying to get a handle on what would be a good use for this hops.
I find it has a strange combination of very ripe mango and also pine.
I went nuts on the addition stages so this might have confused the matter.(60, 20, 5, whirlpool, dh during fermentation, dh halfway through cc) 200g total for 27l
Anyways, I seem to miss all the bottle exchanges, but if anybody want to try it, I would be willing to hand out some bottles. Just note that I find the beer respectable, but not great, but at least it should give a good Idea of the hops.
Cheers, Bruno

Interesting… I picked up a couple ounces of that hop the last time I bought from nanohoublon and have yet to use it. I would definitely be interested in tasting a bottle.

I haven’t tried it. Saw it for sale at Nanohoublons but never pulled the trigger. Would be interested in tasting a bottle and offering you one or two bottles in exchange.

Hey, I also have some ounces from nanohoublon that have been sitting in my freezer for a few months now.
I was thinking of making a mandarina/limonadier pale ale with it, but had no idea on what to expect and how much to use.

Would also be down for an exchange if ever!

I did a nice NEIPA using this hop, centenial and lemondrop. I have yet to try it in a SMASH to isolate its contribution, but the beer was great. Like, really great!

I just got a Limondier baby. In a couple of years I’ll give you some feedback.

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Where did you pick those up?

From Houblon Franklin. They were selling them at Labrosse today.

Dang, would have been nice adding this local breed to the few plants I kept. Maybe next spring.