L'annonce des résultats du M.A.L.T. se fera ce mercredi à 20:00 - suivez le lien!

Les résultats de la compétition seront annoncés ce mercredi (15 juin) à 20:00. Connectez-vous pour y assister:

Les résultats seront aussi publiés sur le site de la compétition (https://www.montrealers.ca/malt) après la cérémonie.

Au plaisir de vous y voir et merci de votre participation!


The results of the competition will be announced this Wednesday (June 15) at 20:00. Connect via this link in order to attend:

Results will also be published on the competition website (https://www.montrealers.ca/malt) following the ceremony.

Looking forward to seeing you and thanks for participating!


Thanks to everyone who put time into this! I tried to join the meetup around 9:15pm last night but nothing happened so I split - maybe it was done, maybe technical problem on my end - no biggie. For anyone who doesn’t know, the scoresheets are available by logging into the MALT website and going to your account.

Congratulations to all the winners. There were some very good beers in the competition.

And thanks to the organizers for everything and to Kahnawake brewing for hosting us.

I specifically put my email address on all the judging sheets. If anyone has any issues with my comments or how I perceived their beers, please feel free to reach out to me.



There is a question on the post-competition survey “Are you satisfied with the category in which your beers were evaluated?” - for non-winning entries, how do we know which category they were in?

This is a great question Marc and we assumed that information was available for everybody but it apparently is not! Here is the list of tables and where each category style was placed:

Screenshot from 2022-06-17 09-48-41

From there you should be able to correlate your entry with its category and table.

Thanks Norm, that does the trick.

Plusieurs personnes nous ont demandé comment accéder aux fiches d’évaluation. Voici comment:

  1. Se rentre sur le site de la compétition: https://montrealers.ca/malt
  2. Se connecter à son compte via le bouton “Log In”
  3. Cliquer sur “Entries” pour voir la liste de ses bières soumises au concours
  4. Cliquer sur l’icône de fichier PDF dans la liste pour télécharger la fiche d’évaluation


A few participants have asked how to get the comments from the judges. Here how to do it:

  1. Reach the competition website: https://montrealers.ca/malt
  2. Connect to your account via the “Log In” button.
  3. Click on “Entries” to retreive the list of your entries.
  4. Click on the PDF icon from the list to download the evaluation form.


We have the prizes (finally) ready! They are at my place so if you won a medal I have it, plus some sweet winnings to go with it. I’ll be hosting a tasting meeting on September 10th and you can pick it up there, or message me and we can arrange another way.

Congrats again!