Jour 17: Groovy par Albert teBraak

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Day 17 of our adventure brings a beautiful Brett beer from none other than @Albert. Be warned the calendar image may not match the bottle label, but I am certain the contents of the bottle will have me kicking back and grooving to the depths of flavor.

Dimanche ! Dimanche ! Dimanche ! Le 17e jour de notre aventure nous apporte une magnifique bière Brett de nul autre qu’@Albert. Attention, l’image du calendrier ne correspond peut-être pas à l’étiquette de la bouteille, mais je suis certain que le contenu de la bouteille m’amènera à me détendre et à groover dans les profondeurs de la saveur.

I had an extremely hard time opening my bottle last night. Don’t hurt yourself, good luck. It is possible. I didn’t super glue the corks on.

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Hi Albert,

With my brett knowledge being limited, I really enjoyed your beer. The sourness wasn’t too pronounced so I found the flavors very balanced! I got a lot of pineapple too.

Opening the bottle was a bit of a challenge, but with your previous message, I was expecting something worse.

Thanks for sharing!


On to the Brett beer! The more I taste Brett products, the more I appreciate and can taste the complexity from that bug! After a bit of work to open the bottle, a little gushing, just to get me hyped even more! Foam disappeared almost instantly, we get an hazy straw colored beer with typical Brett aroma, with a bit of acidity from the grape kiss. Thin bodied, very ‘sessionable’, I get quite a bit of pineapple. We surf on fruitier notes for this young Brett beer, as opposed to barnyard driven from aged versions, which is very good for this particular beer. Extremely refreshing drink, perfect for a rainy night in December! Thanks Albert for this great experience! Oh, amazing label as well!

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Glad to hear the feedback! I was going for biotransformation of buckwheat and the grape skin with some tannins from the grape skins. Buckwheat has Caprylic acid which can be transformed into Ethyl caproate giving pineapple flavor. Brett produces low glycerol compared to sacc leaving the beer thin.
Overall I like it but I missed my mark. I was hoping for more tropical fruit from the biotransformation of the grape skins and a layer of tannins. It’s my first time trying biotransformation with buckwheat. I would try it again.

Yeah those plastic caps are hell to take off!

But the beer was nice! Shared with my family at my brother’s b-day and everyone enjoyed. Nice tartness and a bready/grainy finish. Refreshing and complex

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Interesting idea with the biotransformation of buckwheat and grape skins! I picked up a ton of lemon in the aroma and flavour, would love to have another bottle to search for the pineapple. I found it very sour, presumably there was some lacto action in here as well not just Brett? There was a farty note in the aroma that I unfortunately can’t be more specific about - I don’t think it was sulfur - but aside from that the assorted funk was all pleasant. Also really appreciated the presentation with the nice label, fancy bottle, and cork&cage.

Good catch. There is lactic acid bacteria of some sort. This started off as brett primary then I added to 2nd use grape skins. The first use was in a Gueuze for a week. It definitely took the microbes from that. I feel i hit my light acidity target on this but i often go much higher for my taste. It might have fermented more acidic in the bottle for you. I left my bottle at room temp (19 deg C). For the fartiness, you could be detecting thiols which would be exciting to get from the Sauvignon blanc grape skins, or its some other fermentation character which probably wasn’t intended. It would have been great to get Guava and pineapple juice from the skins and buckwheat.

Thanks for the feedback!

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We were quite pleased with two nice mix fermentation beers this weekend and Albert’s Groove fits the bill! Light, refreshing yet complex. I did get some notes of tropical fruit and if this is all coming from flavour precursors in the buckwheat that got metabolized by the microbes present, that’s really cool. It’s one of those reasons why I enjoy homebrewing: the possibilities of experimentation are endless!

And I agree with others, the presentation of the beer, with the gorgeous label and the (plastic) cork and cage, was a nice bonus, although I had to fight tooth and nail to access the liquid (not to mention that the wire of the cage was twisted counter-clock wise - WTF? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)!

Is this something people notice? Hahaha I’ll pay attention for my own curiosity.

I agree. All the experimentation and exploration of ingredients and processes, keep brewing exciting for me. The fact I used buckwheat and people are saying pineapple is cool.

Yeah mine was counter clockwise as well :rofl::rofl::rofl:, didn’t need cutters but close lol

All the commercial bottles i found are clockwise and most of mine are counter clockwise. I never thought it was something to consider. I opened them and never noticed. I never expected to be examining this part of my brew haha!

Are you left-handed by chance?

Nope, right handed completely. Maybe i don’t find twisting wires hard :yum:. It might be easier to install it when right handed. I am supporting left handedness with my brew. If any lefties notice, chime in.

I am a leftie, or partially at least (define leftie…). But I do not accept CCW twisted cages on beers. It’s an outrageous violation of the code of conduct of the wire twisters guild. Would you twist your wire bread tie CCW? Hell, no!

Think of a container of peanut butter. Do you close it clockwise or counterclockwise? Clockwise, of course! Even those peanut butter recipes for hippies use the same universal principle. And it should be the same thing with cork cages!

At least your beer was good so you’ve been warned.


Being leftie as well, I also support the fact that this is a clear violation of the code of conduct!!! :crazy_face:


Finally weighing in on this one. My wife and I really enjoyed this beer. For a sour, it was surprisingly delicate. Light lemon and pineapple notes along with just the right amount of funkiness. Nice complexity in such a light, drinkable beer. The only issue was, with all the shaking while trying to get the cork off, I couldn’t help kicking up sediment into the beer. Oh well, it was still great! Thanks Albert!

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Enjoyed this Groovy beer tonight after my wrestling match with the plastic cork (I won in the end :slight_smile: ) Sour with a lot of bright lemon flavour. Love the color. Very effervescent. Not a style that I normally drink, but it was a pleasant change. Thanks for sharing.

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Mousse blanche style champagne, disparaît rapidement. Couleur jaune paille, pale. Ça me fait penser a la couleur d’une limonade. Un peu hazy avec dépôt apparent.
Au nez : citron, souffré, mercaptan, sauvage.
Au goût: Citron, acide modéré, léger. Laisse un « tartness » en bouche. Haute carbonatation.

Ce n’est pas mon style et je m’y connais peu en sour. J’apprécie la fraicheur et la légèreté de cette bière. Pas trop sour! J’aime bien, good job!

Le bouchon, ça ma pris un couteau et un dégât sur mon hoodie mais je l’ai eu :joy: